He’s Home With The Minions

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My husband arrived last Monday morning. And we are truly thankful for a safe flight back and forth.

The kids got up in an instant when I told them that Papa is here. A happy smile from Lily and exciting face from Julia.

Lots of pasalubong too. I’m glad that he didn’t forget my bilin. Hehehe!

But here’s one thing that is making me happy:


I’m so happy that he’s finally home. Alhamdulillah!

He has so much stories of China. And one major thing he noticed is that they don’t know how to speak English. If you’re on a business and leisure, a help from a translator is highly recommended. Even taxi drivers from the airport itself don’t know how to speak English. He said that the only way for them to reach a certain location is by giving the drivers a business card with an address. Well that explains why they were able to go to their hotel. He even noticed the text messages from networks. Not a single English word can be found. He wanted to subscribe for a data package. How can he follow instructions if it looks like the pic below? Hahaha!


Let’s inset a hashtag here #KamotUlo hahaha!

Anyway, I’m just glad he’s home. Alhamdulillah. Hopefully we can tag along to his next trip to China.>


  1. mitch says:

    love the minions! :)

    I have a friend who stayed in China for more than 3 years. She said Chinese culture is totally different from ours. It took her more than a year to be well adjusted.

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