We Thank You!

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On behalf of my husband, we would like to thank our family and friends who prayed with us while Hubby undergoes Laparoscopic cholecystectomy. The procedure including the waiting time exactly took 2 hours and 7 minutes. Yep, I was that conscious with the time.

My reason for being MIA over IG for 2 days.Thank you for praying with us. The procedure took exactly 2 hours. Konti nalang nakuha sa kanyang gallstone. Siguro kung hindi kami nag flush out 3wks ago, baka mas marami pang nakuha. Hehehe! He'll come home insha Allah tomorrow (that's today na pala kas

I had to take photos while he’s in the hospital for remembrance. His stones were so small. I think we flushed most of it 3 weeks ago. We had to do something to reduce the pain he was going through every other day. So we tried the cleansing procedure which includes fasting, 1 pint of Olive oil and half pint of squeezed lemon. I can’t bare the pain of seeing him in pain while waiting to be scheduled for this operation. We waited for 3 months for this, so we’re really thankful that it’s now finish.

Hubby’s home and is currently recuperating. We hope that he’ll get to his normal activities in a week’s time. Again, thank you for keeping us in your thoughts.


  1. Mom Michelle says:

    Is that an operation that removes the gallbladder? I'm supposed to undergo operation also but I detest the thought of going under the knife and removing a part of me. So, I just change my whole diet to being a vegetarian and no more fats at all. But I wish your husband well and fast recovery.
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