She’s On The Way

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I was browsing over recent update of my friends over Facebook, and I came across the page of  my childhood best friend who announced that she’s finally pregnant last month. I feel sad though that we’re no longer that close like before. When I read her post, it was a mixed feeling. I feel happy that she’s expecting of course. But I’m sad that communication made our friendship like a second option already. We used to send messages over BBM to check on one another. I hope that she still remember me, because her friendship is one thing I’ll never forget.

Here’s me and her catching up last 2010 while celebrating my big 30. I miss you Ping! I hope that you’ll have a baby girl. Will be looking forward to shop adorable baby girl clothing soon.


  1. Lady says:

    I have moments like this too XD

    My friends and I live out different lives with a new set of friends. And I'm a reclusive person to begin with. But the awesome thing is even if we hadn't seen each other in years. When we reconnect, we can still talk like we used to.

    I hope you and your friend will bond over the great news :)
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