On The Road

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Sorry I wasn’t able to update. We’ve been busy these past few days. We’ve been doing family visits and eating Iftar with Hubby’s relatives. Then SIL’s husband invited his friends to come over and dine with us. So imagine all day me and my SIL working in the kitchen preparing various Arabic meal.

On the road this morning going to the Health Center for Lily's vaccine. Niligaw kami ng GPS. Going there it took us 1 1/2hr. Pabalik na kami sa bahay, inabot lang kami ng 15mins! Anak ka ng tokwa oh.The photo above was a shot when we went to the vaccination center for Lily’s monthly immunization. We’ll be back on October for the her last shot. The navigator unfortunately guide us going there in the long cut. It took us 1.5hrs going there. When we went back home, it only took us 15mins. Watda… so next October, we’ll make sure not to listen to the navigator, hahaha!

My families back home are all safe Alhamdulillah inspite of the unpredictable weather. Hope you and your family are safe.


  1. Farida says:

    The roads there are very spacious! I wish EDSA could be that way (though it is when there are typhoons and when you travel late or early in the morning).

    I though GPS is reliable.. yup, next time better not turn it on to save time and gas, hihi :)

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