Medal Count–Olympics 2012

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A total of 78 countries has received medals (gold, silver and bronze) for this year’s Olympics 2012 in London. Is your country one of them?

Philippines unfortunately hasn’t received any. It’s ok. I know they did their best. The other nationality that I hold which is from Lebanon don’t have any medals as well. They have 10 athletes participating for this year, while Philippines has 11.

Below is the top 3 countries which has the most medals for this year (as of August 11).

As expected, it’s always a head to head match between China and US. And believe it or not, I missed watching the games. I was hoping to see the Gymnastic and Swimming competition. But I don’t find time to watch live on TV since I have tons of things to prepare because of Ramadan.

I noticed that Arab countries did a good job this year I believe. Saudi Arabia went home with a Bronze for the Equestrian. Qatar brought 2 bronze medals from Shooting and Men’s High Jump competition. Kuwait (for Shooting) and Bahrain (Women’s 1500m) with 1 medal each. And I’m surprised that Egypt went home with 2 silvers (1 Fencing and 1 Wrestling). That’s a very good news to bring home.

Today is the last day for the Olympics. Closing ceremony will be at  21:00hrs. I missed the opening ceremony, I hope that I can at least watch the closing this evening. Will be setting an alarm for that since that will be 12:00am (Aug13) on my time.


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