Iftar at al Sharjah Dhow Restaurant

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The other day, SIL’s husband took us to a restaurant near our place. It’s our first time for this month to dine in for Iftar. So you wouldn’t believe how happy SIL was that day. She was counting the nights on how many time I’ve washed the dishes. It’s an open buffet you the food war overflowing.

Iftar at Al Sharjah Dow Restaurant.Snag from SIL's phone. O db, ang gulo ng mesa namin? Hahaha! Ako naka smile pa, si Abed nagpapakain ng bata. Baliktad! Hahaha!!!

Alhamdulillah for everything. And I’m so blessed to have a family like them. No words can express how truly blessed I am for being part of this family. Masha’Allah!

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