Five Things to Do with your ALT Key in Photoshop and Elements

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Most Some All Digitalscrapbooking lovers I believe are using Photoshop to create their perfect layout. I started using PS only last 2009 when a friend told me to try it since you can play around with the shadowing of all elements and papers you would like to use. I wish I could learn more short-cut keys with PS. I only know ctrl+Z – for safety reasons hahaha!

I read an post from Jennifer White’s blog re 5 things you can do with the ALT key. But these is for Mac users. I will still post it here because I’m claiming that someday I will be a Mac user too – crossing my fingers and keeping the faith. Sharing it an incite to her post:

Now I use those shortcuts without even thinking; I have to pay close attention when writing tutorials to what I’m actually doing. I’ve gathered here for you five of my favorite things to do with the ALT (Mac: OPT) key:

  • Duplicate layers.
    Change foreground color.
    Unlock a background layer. 
    Cycle through tools.
    Make a black layer mask.

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