Random Updates for Julia

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Alhamdulillah she’s growing up just fine. But still in the age of being a copy cat. She is a fast learner so I have my eyes on her as much as I can. And here are some of the things that she can do at 3yrs and 8mos:

  • Good bye diaper at night. No more bed wetting too, hooray! There was only 3 accidents for that. 1 was when I forgot to wake her up at sunrise to pee, 2 was when her Papa allowed her to eat watermelon at night (which of course I refused to, and you know what happen next — LQ), and 3 was when she was sick with cold and flu. She had a deep sleep and was under medication, so I think she wasn’t able to wake up by herself.
  • She knows how to spell and write her name. WTG!
  • Her English is doing well. But I hope that she’ll have her own accent sooner or later.
  • She still loves watching Disney Princesses and always pretend that she’s Tinker Bell.
  • Her favorite color is green. No, it’s pink. Uhm, I think it’s blue. No sometimes it’s red. Oh shucks! I guess she hasn’t decided yet on that LOL!
  • She’s not happy playing with her sister. Yup! You read it just fine. I guess because she’s in the playful stage where in she finds Lily dull on that area. What do you expect from a 1year and 2mos old? Except walking, grabbing things, eating non-sense things, laughing along with them. I always tell her that her sister can’t understand her yet since Lily can’t talk much. I hope they’ll get along fine as time passes by.
  • She’s a picky eater. Ugh!
  • Lastly, she’s still a daddy’s girl.

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she pretty?

There you go. I will try to write up something for the youngest. But above all these updates is that Julia’s growing up in her own beautiful way. Masha’Allah!

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