How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Preschool

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Is my child ready for Preschool? Here are some questions that a mother like me should think of and I guess to train from just in case I haven’t done that to my child. Hope it helps you too.

One way to determine this is to ask yourself if your child has all the PIECES in place for preschool, where "pieces" is an acronym that stands for potty training, independence, expressiveness, concentration, endurance, and separation.

“P” is for Potty Training
“I” is for Independence
“E” is for Expressiveness
“C” is for Concentration
“E” is for Endurance
“S” is for Separation

Once you’re sure your child has all the PIECES in place, the hardest part of sending her to preschool may be your own emotions! Take heart in Abie’s observation that she has never “had a child [who] cried more than five minutes after mom left.”

Click here for more detailed explanation.

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