Hidden Pool

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I saw this video over Pinterest the other day. Because I was checking over some details regarding a pool cleaning phoenix az which is a service for a friend’s friend. I should share this with you because it’s really amazing! Watch the video below so you’ll have an idea.

I can tell you that I’m so amazed with this fast forward thing effect added the James Bond theme song. So great! Well I’m sure that the pool cleaning company can do something to make sure that this hidden pool is well maintained.

As I’ve mentioned before, we have a pool on the rooftop because my sister-in-law’s family are living in a residential tower that has these facilities. While I was reading some procedures on how to clean the pool, I realized that it’s a no joke at all. It’s really a hard job. I salute the people behind these business. Whatever the size is, it’s still a tough job.

I wonder how the resort managers maintain their pools. They have variety of visitors so I’m sure that keeping an eye whether the pools are clean is on the top list. Who wants to take a deep on a dirty pool anyway?

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