Five ways to combat dehydration this Ramadan

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A reminder for my fellow sisters and brothers in Islam, here’s a great tip for all of us to prevent dehydration for the whole Holy month of Ramadan.

      1. Steer clear of the sun: During the day, wherever possible, stay away from the sun and excessive heat. Remain in a cool and shaded area, wear a cap or a hat and do less strenuous activities.
      2. Drink water and fluids after Iftar: Normal dehydration post-fast is easily remedied by drinking eight glasses or more of water immediately after Iftar. Try to avoid tea, coffee and sodas, as they contain high levels of caffeine and sugar, which may cause further dehydration.
      3. Drink traditional Ramadan drinks: The traditional Iftar drink Kamardeen (apricot) dramatically helps in the reduction of discomfort from stomach acid build-up, brought about by the lack of water. 
      4. Replace lost nutrients and minerals: Drink other fluids besides water, such as fruit juices, to replace lost nutrients and minerals. Getting your five portions of fruits and vegetables, particularly watery citrus fruits and strawberries, is also recommended. Fruit juices are plentiful in Vitamin A and calcium, and many are packed with fibre, iron, potassium and other minerals, as well as vitamins C, B1 and B2.
      5. Take care of your health: To combat potential sickness, due to lack of water, minerals and nutrients, don’t over-exert yourself while fasting and remember that you are allowed to break your fast if you absolutely must. You can simply make it up at a later time.

Have a safe fasting everyone. For my friends back in Qatar, enjoy the short working hours. I’m sure of course that a lot of them are still workaholic as ever, but it’s okay. For as long as you take care of your self.


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