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Everything happens for a reason. And I believe that sometimes, it’ll come in the most difficult time in our lives. A lost phone, stolen shoes, a big argument that leads to a big fight with your best friends or sometimes a lost life. We don’t know what Allah God almighty has in store for us, but we just have to believe that whatever you need will come your way.

Well, just to share you a story. Our laptop has died on us a few weeks back. I’m using my SIL’s laptop for the mean time in order to update my blogs and do some online work. Yesterday, the service center confirmed that the cost is 850dhs. They need to replace the HD. I said to myself “Oh my gawd… where on earth we’ll get that amount?” — well, true enough on the quote above, help comes our way. A friend lend us money because they know that I’m using my laptop for many reasons and somehow is giving me and my family extra income. So they lend us money without us even asking for it. See how Allah God works in mysterious ways? Just believe!

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