I’m a mom of 2 kids and I want to make sure that I’m bringing them up as properly behaved as possible. I don’t like to have impolite kids in the future because that’s not what my parents taught me to be. So I’m looking over the guidelines below for reference.

First, the ground rules

To set the stage for discipline success, here are the bottom-line rules many experts agree on:

1. We’re all in this together. Right from the start, teach your kids that your family is a mutual support system, meaning that everyone pitches in. Even a baby can learn to "help" you lift her by reaching out her arms, says Madelyn Swift, founder and director of Childrightand author of Discipline for Life, Getting It Right With Children.
2. Respect is mutual. One of the most common complaints parents and kids have about each other is "You’re not listening." Set a good example early on: When your child tries to tell you something, stop what you’re doing, focus your attention, and listen. Later you can require the same courtesy from her.
3. Consistency is king. One good way to raise a child with emotional strength? Be consistent and unwavering about rules and chores, says Harvard professor Dan Kindlon, author of Too Much of a Good Thing. Even if you pick just one chore to insist on, your child will be better off, Kindlon says. "Being firm and consistent teaches your child that you care enough about him to expect responsible behavior."
4. Life’s not always fair. We’re so afraid of disappointing or upsetting our kids — too afraid, say some discipline pros. "If a child never experiences the pain of frustration — of having to share a toy or wait their turn in line — or if they’re never sad or disappointed, they won’t develop psychological skills that are crucial for their future happiness," says Kindlon.

this Made Me Cry!

You should watch this video. I saw it ate Kaje’s blog, and oh dear I was crying till the end. Watch it and see how these group of family and friends brainstorm on such awesome performance just to make this lucky girl say YES!

I love proposals. I love the feeling of excitement and be surprised. Being in-love is such a blessed feeling. Subhan’Allah! God is good!

This Coming Eid Holiday

Where are we going? I don’t know and I’m not sure. But I’m positive that we’ll go around the city and SIL will buy some new toys for her kids. They are fond of playing especially that school is still out. They still have a month and a half to enjoy their long vacation. Good thing that we have rechargeable aa batteries. At least if they buy some toys that need battery to work, it’ll save us a lot. Looking forward for Eid. I love the faces on the kids because they know that something beautiful and exciting awaits for them.

For the mean time, enjoy the spirit of the Holy month of Ramdan.

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Hello From Dainty Ashley

A dear friend of ours started a new bow-tique for handmade hair tinkers and bows for your children. And I’m so honored that 2 of her designs where named after Julie & Julia.

Julia is a sister collection of the Lily Headbands. Both have beautiful silk Ranunculus (also known as Ruffled Rannie) flowers only the Julia Headbands are more ruffled and the petals are a bit thicker (but still weighs very light). It comes in 3 gorgeous colors of Green, Brown with a hint of black and Ivory White embellished with different elegant rhinestones and unique soft elastic band colors.

Our Lily collection comes in two sizes:Queen Lily comes with a pink and yellow ranunculus flower measuring 3 1/2 inches wide. It is attached to a custom-sized lemon green soft and stretchable elastic. Princess Lily, on the other hand, comes in a smaller diameter of 3 inches and is attached to a custom-sized dark olive soft and stretchable elastic. Both are accentuated with a 15mm clear rhinestone button completing its radiant and elegant look. The Lily Headband goes along well with your little girl’s dresses, formal and casuals alike.

There’s a lot of more designs to choose from. Please visit her website at www.daintyashley.com for more cute hair dress for your little ones. Her designs are from newborns up to feeling pretty newly-born grown ups like me, hahaha! Kidding aside, like her FB page here too please. Thank you.


Everything happens for a reason. And I believe that sometimes, it’ll come in the most difficult time in our lives. A lost phone, stolen shoes, a big argument that leads to a big fight with your best friends or sometimes a lost life. We don’t know what Allah God almighty has in store for us, but we just have to believe that whatever you need will come your way.

Well, just to share you a story. Our laptop has died on us a few weeks back. I’m using my SIL’s laptop for the mean time in order to update my blogs and do some online work. Yesterday, the service center confirmed that the cost is 850dhs. They need to replace the HD. I said to myself “Oh my gawd… where on earth we’ll get that amount?” — well, true enough on the quote above, help comes our way. A friend lend us money because they know that I’m using my laptop for many reasons and somehow is giving me and my family extra income. So they lend us money without us even asking for it. See how Allah God works in mysterious ways? Just believe!

London 2012 Olympics

I missed the Opening of the Olympics this year. My friend shared some snap shots of the event. I’m looking for sites that covered the replay. I found one with a clip of Rowan Atkinson’s performance. I was so laughing hard at it. Too bad the video that I found has a low resolution. I will not stop searching for it. If you have any link, please let me know. For the mean time, I found an extremely low cost term life insurance. Will check on it because we might need one in the future – you’ll never know.

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How to Tell if Your Child is Ready for Preschool

Is my child ready for Preschool? Here are some questions that a mother like me should think of and I guess to train from just in case I haven’t done that to my child. Hope it helps you too.

One way to determine this is to ask yourself if your child has all the PIECES in place for preschool, where "pieces" is an acronym that stands for potty training, independence, expressiveness, concentration, endurance, and separation.

“P” is for Potty Training
“I” is for Independence
“E” is for Expressiveness
“C” is for Concentration
“E” is for Endurance
“S” is for Separation

Once you’re sure your child has all the PIECES in place, the hardest part of sending her to preschool may be your own emotions! Take heart in Abie’s observation that she has never “had a child [who] cried more than five minutes after mom left.”

Click here for more detailed explanation.

Facebook Freebie

If you love digital scrapbooking just like me, go over Mommyish Graphic Design Facebook Page and hit LIKE. You’ll have this free Fandom Kit.

She created this for all her fans because she has more than 2k LIKES as of this moment. And so this kit is for all of us. Hooray!


Back in high school, I used to have an eye for charm bracelets. The more charms you have, the more chances of winning — hahaha! Just kidding.

I have a friend who recently bought herself a charm bracelet from the collections of charms for pandora. It was my first time to hear about Pandora jewelries. Check out the ones that I find nice.

Pandora Large Single Champagne Leather BraceletPandora 7.1in Pandora Clasp BraceletPandora 8.1in Five Clip Station Capture Bracelet

$40, $65 and $75 respectively. Want some? Save some, hahaha!

Free August Desktop

What happen? It’s already August?!

Gosh! It’s like time is just passing by without me knowing. I guess this is the effect of staying at home doing nothing except house hold chores and motherhood duties. Your world is evolving within the inside of your 4 corner room. Next thing we know, we’re doing Christmas countdown.

So anyway, sharing you a link for next month’s free desktop wallpaper from Shabby Shoppe Blog. Enjoy! And don’t forget to say thanks.

Random Updates for Julia

Alhamdulillah she’s growing up just fine. But still in the age of being a copy cat. She is a fast learner so I have my eyes on her as much as I can. And here are some of the things that she can do at 3yrs and 8mos:

  • Good bye diaper at night. No more bed wetting too, hooray! There was only 3 accidents for that. 1 was when I forgot to wake her up at sunrise to pee, 2 was when her Papa allowed her to eat watermelon at night (which of course I refused to, and you know what happen next — LQ), and 3 was when she was sick with cold and flu. She had a deep sleep and was under medication, so I think she wasn’t able to wake up by herself.
  • She knows how to spell and write her name. WTG!
  • Her English is doing well. But I hope that she’ll have her own accent sooner or later.
  • She still loves watching Disney Princesses and always pretend that she’s Tinker Bell.
  • Her favorite color is green. No, it’s pink. Uhm, I think it’s blue. No sometimes it’s red. Oh shucks! I guess she hasn’t decided yet on that LOL!
  • She’s not happy playing with her sister. Yup! You read it just fine. I guess because she’s in the playful stage where in she finds Lily dull on that area. What do you expect from a 1year and 2mos old? Except walking, grabbing things, eating non-sense things, laughing along with them. I always tell her that her sister can’t understand her yet since Lily can’t talk much. I hope they’ll get along fine as time passes by.
  • She’s a picky eater. Ugh!
  • Lastly, she’s still a daddy’s girl.

Isn't she lovely? Isn't she wonderful? Isn't she pretty?

There you go. I will try to write up something for the youngest. But above all these updates is that Julia’s growing up in her own beautiful way. Masha’Allah!

Such A Joy!

It was a few weeks ago when Scrapmatters sent in an email for everyone that they are looking for CTs. Well, I’m so glad that even though I didn’t make it to be a CT, I was able to get a position as a Guest CT for the month of December.

This is one of my dream. And now I can cross it out on my list. I’m so thankful that I will be active by December. I don’t have a laptop that I can use right now. It’s my birthday month as well, so basically it’s like the perfect advance gift ever.

I’ve been into digital scrapbooking since 2005. And I’m still a work in progress. I wish to have a printed photo book someday. I’m aiming for it. Our UK trip will be my first. Then birthing stories for Julie & Julia next.

I may not have the CT position that I was asking for, but this is an opportunity for me to enhance my skills.

Anyway, there you go. I just want to share with you my happiness that made me leap up and down from the bed after reading an email from scrapmatter’s administrator. LOL!

Five ways to combat dehydration this Ramadan

A reminder for my fellow sisters and brothers in Islam, here’s a great tip for all of us to prevent dehydration for the whole Holy month of Ramadan.

      1. Steer clear of the sun: During the day, wherever possible, stay away from the sun and excessive heat. Remain in a cool and shaded area, wear a cap or a hat and do less strenuous activities.
      2. Drink water and fluids after Iftar: Normal dehydration post-fast is easily remedied by drinking eight glasses or more of water immediately after Iftar. Try to avoid tea, coffee and sodas, as they contain high levels of caffeine and sugar, which may cause further dehydration.
      3. Drink traditional Ramadan drinks: The traditional Iftar drink Kamardeen (apricot) dramatically helps in the reduction of discomfort from stomach acid build-up, brought about by the lack of water. 
      4. Replace lost nutrients and minerals: Drink other fluids besides water, such as fruit juices, to replace lost nutrients and minerals. Getting your five portions of fruits and vegetables, particularly watery citrus fruits and strawberries, is also recommended. Fruit juices are plentiful in Vitamin A and calcium, and many are packed with fibre, iron, potassium and other minerals, as well as vitamins C, B1 and B2.
      5. Take care of your health: To combat potential sickness, due to lack of water, minerals and nutrients, don’t over-exert yourself while fasting and remember that you are allowed to break your fast if you absolutely must. You can simply make it up at a later time.

Have a safe fasting everyone. For my friends back in Qatar, enjoy the short working hours. I’m sure of course that a lot of them are still workaholic as ever, but it’s okay. For as long as you take care of your self.