Julie’s 1st Birthday Portraits

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Our baby is officially a toddler. We didn’t have a grand party for her birthday though. We dressed her up, my SIL bought her a cake and a gift. And we took a portrait for her. I will put it a frame.

We originally plan to eat outside and have a simple picnic. SIL was even looking for picnic tables for sale for us to use. But since BIL has work and her kids have school the next day, we just decided to not have a party. Besides, the important thing is for Julie to just have fun. Look at her smile on the right photo. Her smile is the best ever. She looks like me a lot. And I’m sure that if my parents back home see these photos, they will be reminded of me when I was still young.

Anyway, I promise myself that I will try my very best to tell my birthing story with Lily. Just the same what I did here with Julia. So hopefully soon I’ll finish this story up.

Happy birthday again Lily Bella! We love you so so so much! You’re adorable and we pray that Allah will give you a good health, for you to grow up smart and have respect for others.


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