A Lost Life

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I tweeted about this the other nigh. We were on our way home from the near park of our building when we heard the ambulance approaching our building. Abed even said "I hope it’s nothing serious.." — when we came, we were instructed not to come from the front. SIL, Abed and I saw the woman helplessly lying in front of the building. The police were everywhere. They covered the body already but we can still see her feet. By that time no one in the building is claiming the body so we really think she was alone in her flat.

We were right. The security told us that she fell from the 15th floor (newspaper says it was on 17th). She was alone. Her husband was out with her 2 sons (7 & 17yo). The veranda here on our building is up to Abed’s chest, so if you want to jump off, either you climb out using on a chair or someone will push you out literally. I couldn’t sleep because of this. Report says she wrote a note regarding her plan. But they didn’t indicate what was written of course.

May her soul finds peace. On this photo, workers cleaning spot where she fell. Imagine us terrified to walk on those floors right now.


  1. filman santiago says:

    This is just freakingly sad news. I don't know what happen to Sharjah nowadays. If not suicide, or falling incident, there's tall buildings being engulfed with fire. I don't know that does this mean.

    But my hopes and prayers this kind of news won't continue.
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  2. Lady says:

    Being close to the edge at one point in my life, I understand how someone can choose to do something like this. But I never had the courage to end my own life and that has kept me alive ironically.

    I always say this when I read about suicide. "I wish you had used that same courage by staying alive, no matter what I'm sure the waves will let up eventually. Still, may you rest in peace."
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