Who Loves To Float?

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I’m so proud of her. She started off being scared just by dipping in the water. But after a few minutes of getting used to it, she can be left alone floating with the help of course of her floating vest, and even kicking herself to move from side to side.

She went out of the pool so red, and now her color is tan. Like as if she went to under the spray tan, hahaha! :) I do hope that someday, Insha Allah God willing, I can enroll her for a swimming lesson too – just like what I did one summer vacation during my high school days. Never the less, good job ate Julia! I hope that you’ll conquer your fear of water again on our next dip.


  1. Maryden25 says:

    Summer is the best season for swimming. And this is the best time for children to enroll and learn about swimming. My daughter is now on her her swimming lesson, and she really enjoyed it a lot. Maybe someday, she can teach me how to swim too! LOl!
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  2. Laura says:

    Sink and float activities can be varied for different ages, with younger children simply testing which objects float and which sink, while older children can be guided to think about why some objects sink while others float..
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  3. Charlenevans09 says:

    I haven't known any child who doesn't love water, especially swimming. Just imagine that sometimes when they feel like swimming they will get a big basin full of water and enjoy bathing. You're right, you better get your daughter a swimming tutorial for some safety reasons.
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