How to Raise a Spiritual Child

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We all have our own beliefs. This may be a sensitive issue to handle with our kids. I’m a born Christian and went back to embrace Islam last February 2007. I myself is still in need to learn more about my beliefs. I’m in the learning process. But I’m already practicing the 5 pillars of Islam. Because it’s a must before even converting to Islam. But that’s not the issue.


Telling my kids the right thing to do doesn’t involve religion. But it’s important to show them and for me to teach them that above all things here on earth, there’s one Allah God above all that matters most.

There’s one sentence that I taught my daughter, that is “Allah is in my heart.”. Sometimes she even tells me “Mama, where is Allah?”, and I will be surprised when she’ll answer back with the sentence that I taught her to say. It makes me feel blessed actually. She may not understand what it means, but I’m happy that she knows what to say.

Below are some major points that I think is a must for you to develop with your children:

Clarify your own beliefs.
Introduce spirituality early on.
Don’t pretend to have all the answers.
Use daily events to teach spirituality.
Instill an appreciation of nature.
Tell stories.
Build on family traditions.
Make it fun.
Practice silence.
Introduce a simple form of prayer.
(My daughter knows when it’s time to pray. She see us pray 5x a day and when the call of prayer starts, she even calls our attention by saying “Mama, it’s adhan (call of prayer).”)
Stress the spiritual side of holidays.
Consider joining a faith community.

Follow your child’s lead.

We may call our own creator different names, God almighty, Creator, Dyos, Panginoon, Lord, Elijah, Yaweh and so much more, but I believe that we all have a faith to believe in. And that is to believe that theirs is a God that watches over us.


  1. Leanne says:

    It's really nice that we teach our children on their younger age on how to deal with God and recognized is spiritual guidance, I do love this kind of ideas, especially that it provide a huge help to my little children…
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