Plan The Perfect Trip

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It’s summer time back home. A lot of my friends are planning for their summer get away. Reading ahead hotel reviews in order to help them choose the best offer. It’s always fun to go around with your family. I still remember our trip 2 years ago in Boracay, Philippines.

I wish to go back and enjoy the breeze of the water on my feet. I was 2 months pregnant that time, and hated my mood swings. I slept most of the time. Ugh! I swear to myself that we’ll come back and will enjoy my time.

I’m looking over Gogobot to check out their reviews of travelers all over the world. It breaks my heart seeing “Caribbean” and “Europe”. Those are my dream places that I hope to visit some day. The travelers feedback and their reviews about the places they were look so exciting.  I showed the places to my husband and I’m sure that he’ll check it out for planning our next trip in the future.

It’s really nice to travel around the world if everything is plan ahead of time. And one of the best thing about reading a good reviews, are the tips that the travelers can provide for you. I remember our stay again in Boracay, we had to depend on my friend who went there before. She did all the research, reservations and did all the talking with all the people that we need to contact before.

Ratings in particular is the next important thing you need to check for planning the best trip. Having a 5 star rating I guess is important, but for me a 4 star is acceptable.

So for those out there planning their next trip, good luck to you all. Don’t forget to have FUN. Make sure that you pack up all the things you needed. Write it down and first kit is a must. Be safe everyone.

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