Feels Home in Ikea

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Ikea is loved by many. Every time we pass by that place, I can’t help myself missing our abandoned home back in Syria. We feel sorry for it because it’s empty and doesn’t have life right now. Oh it breaks my heart looking over the photos over my EHD. I know that Allah has it’s reasons and I guess, we just have to wait and find why these things are happening.

For now, I’ll just keep on taking photos over these lovely and elegant furniture in Ikea. Hubby promised to provide the best for me and the kids once we’re fully settled. But I told him that as long as we’re all together and all of us our healthy, with a comfortable bed to sleep on, everything is just perfect. I said that in the right time, when both of us are earning already, that’s the time that we can provide and rewards ourselves with this. For now, Alhamdulillah Thanks be to God, we’re together. That’s all that matters – for now.

Alright, truly a drama princess. Need to check on some packing list envelopes online. I have to prepare some notes for SIL. Have a good week ahead everyone. Be safe.

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  1. Chikai says:

    i love ikea too esp. their food and their showrooms. daming ideas na pwedeng kopyahin. tska mura lng talaga products nila kaya no wonder patok sila sa masa. :)
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