Julia’s Layout

Diane made these lovely layout for Julia. I’m so happy to see Julia’s faces over her creations. Di is one of the people I look up to with regards to Digital scrapbooking. Her layout are such an inspiration. Just by looking at them, it made me feel like wanting to open my PS and start scrapping.


The layout above was created last year. Though Julia’s photo was taken March 2011. I remember very well because it was taken at my SIL’s place during the celebration of Hubby’s nephew too. She sent me this by email just at the right time when I was feeling so low. It made me smile and realize that our little girl is really an angel sent from above.


The one above is the recent one. The photo was taken last year too. I so envy her for having the right instincts for playing with colors. I needed that… and I need her willingness to scrap. I guess being a dedicated CT and working with good digital scrap designers will really push you to work well on your hobbies.

Thank you Di… my teacher… my mentor… a friend… Looking forward for Julie’s turn to be the next star of your layouts.

See her gallery over her Flickr account here. and I’m sure that you’ll say wow with all her layouts.

The Birthday Boy’s Wish

As I’ve said on my previous post that Hubby’s nephew celebrated his 6th birthday. We asked him what’s his birthday wish was. He said that he has all the toy cars already and that he had always wanted to learn how to play the yoyo. He’s in the 1st grade and all his friends in school (aside from bay blade – the spinning top), are playing the yoyo during break time.

I checked out the yoyofactory for their varieties of yoyos. Below are the ones that he choses. I hope that he’ll take care.


May Allah bless you with good health and may you grow up happy as always. Study hard and enjoy each day. We love you dearly! ~Khalo Abed & Tont Mary

Gift Baskets

We recently celebrated the birthday of Hubby’s nephew. And we’re so happy that even if we designed everything and prepared all the details for his birthday, all guest left happy. Most of the guests are Hubby’s relatives so it’s easy to please them with the food. SIL did all the cooking. Hubby and I designed the party hall, put up all the balloons and made sure that the games that we prepared will be loved by the kids. Thank God it was a success.


How I wish that we have the best gift baskets. I will make sure to order these items for the next celebrant. Mrs. Fields is loved.

Birthday Gift

Hubby’s uncle will celebrate his 60th birthday. And he asked him on what gift he wants for his birthday. He said that he have always wanted to have those classic cigars. So we’re looking into it and we’ll have it shipped as well since he’s in States. I just hope that he’ll get it in time and hopefully there will be no delays with customs.

Whining: Why it happens and what to do about it

My 3 year old kid just started to whine. It’s because she’s copying a lot these days and it really is so hard to teach your kids if they see other children whine. Her cousins are used to whine a lot of things especially if they don’t get what they want. I’m the type of parent who is really strict in making my kids practice good manners. I was brought up having fear from my dad because he can just humiliate me in front of many people when I was a kid. I don’t understand that before. But as I grow in knowledge, I’m happy that my parents taught me the right thing and showed me that sometimes being tough is good.

With my daughter right now, since she can see her cousins whine, she will just copy them for example for no reason at all. Sometimes ending up me pushing the time-out rule quickly. But then I realized it’s wrong. My husband then said that not all things can be done in a harsh way. Talking is good, he said. And so here comes seeking help and checking out what’s best to handle whining.

So here’s what I found out:

Define it. I understood that asking your child on what grounds or purpose of her whining will be a good step in handling this type of issues with our toddlers. From there, I can then tell her/him that whining is not good. By giving her the difference between the regular talking and the sound that whining makes, will make her realize that there is really a difference between the two and she can see that it is not good.

Acknowledge your child’s need for attention. Yeah, sometimes they just need your attention on something. I’ve experienced that many times with my kid.

Show her a better way to address the problem. I hope and pray that I can go over these note. Why? because I’m not just dealing with my 3 year old in this case. I’m also dealing with her cousins who are older than her. Addressing the problem with my kid is fine, I just hope I can address “who” the problem is.

Avoid triggers. I really notice that she whines whenever she feel sleepy or hungry. I’m thankful that I can define that.

Respond consistently. Whether her demand is reasonable or not, it’s important to let your child know that her way of asking just won’t cut it. Say something like, "I can’t understand you when you talk like that. Please use your normal voice and I’ll be happy to listen to what you’re saying." Keep your tone and facial expression neutral (letting yourself get riled will only feed the fire). Most importantly, keep saying or doing the same thing, and don’t give in. "Picture yourself as a Las Vegas slot machine," says veteran mom Lisa Levi. "Your child pulls the lever and pulls the lever again. One win — even after 12 losses — will show her that a slot machine is a good bet for making money, and that’s not what you want her to learn."
As important as responding consistently to a whine is acknowledging a switch: When your child does use her normal voice, respond to her immediately so she learns that this works. Don’t feel obligated to give her what she wants because she asks without whining, though. Just be empathetic and appreciative. "I’m sorry that you can’t play now, but it’s time for bed. Thanks for asking so nicely!" — I can’t add anything to that. I need to include it over these post because, it really is important to respond in the right way.

Be — or at least pretend to be — nonchalant when the whining goes into overdrive. It says here on this not to “…keep your cool.” THANK GOD I’m good with that in public.

There you are. Some important rules for a parent like me. Good luck to us as always. And hope it helps you out again.

On Cooking

I’m so happy that I can cook for my family now a days. Chicken Tinola, Chicken Adobo, Kare-kare and Spaghetti (sweet Filipino style) were served for the last few days.

The above photo is the Kare-kare that I prepared for SIL and Hubby. And I’m so glad that they loved it. Thanks to a dear friend Chief B for sending me some kare-kare mix last year. I even bought "Barrio Fiesta"’s Bagoong mix. Hahaha! Delicious!

How to Talk to Your Preschooler About Death

Last month, we received a bad news that Hubby’s grandmother passed away. My mother-in-law that time was here with us for a month vacation. It really is easy to accept things like this even though we’ve already accepted grandma’s fate. She’s been suffering with a long term disease for so long, and we know that it’s really hard to be in her place during her medications and appointments with her doctor. How we all wish we can cheat on death.

Anyway, but how about for preschoolers? My sister-in-law has two kids. Explaining death to an 8 and 7 year old kids are easier than telling it to my 3 1/4 year old toddler. The thing is, she remember well grandma’s face since we were with her for a year. I tried to explain to her in a nomads way, but to no avail. There was a photo that was save on my phone and she saw it. She told me that it’s grandma. I then reminded her that grandma is not with us anymore. But for her it’s like she’s still around. I may not be the one who is in this situation right now. It might be another mom like me who are searching for a best way to explain things to their little ones, so I made a research on how to explain death to our preschooler.

Death is one of the hardest subjects to broach with young children, especially when you’re struggling to deal with your own sorrow. But death is also an inescapable part of life, and children want to understand it and find ways to grieve that feel natural.

Don’t dodge her questions. Answer her questions about death, and don’t be afraid to read stories about children whose pets or grandparents die.

Give brief, simple answers. Young children can’t handle too much information at once. At this age, it’s most helpful to explain death in terms of physical functions that have ceased, rather than launching into a complicated discussion of a particular illness: "Now that Uncle John has died, his body has stopped working. He can’t walk or run, or eat or sleep or see anymore, and he doesn’t feel any pain." It’s also important to help a preschooler understand basics such as who’s going to take care of her. "She thinks, ‘If Mom dies, who’s going to give me my bath?’ " says grief specialist Michael Towne.— this is how we explained things to our Julia.

Express your own emotions. Grieving is an important part of healing, for both children and adults.

Avoid euphemisms. State the reasons for the death as simply as possible.

Be prepared for a variety of reactions. Children not only feel sorrow over the death of a loved one, they may also feel guilt or anger. Reassure your preschooler that nothing she said or did caused the death, and don’t be surprised if she expresses anger toward you, the doctors and nurses, or even the deceased.

Expect the subject to come up repeatedly. Be ready to field the same questions from your child over and over again, since understanding the permanence of death is a struggle for her. Just keep answering them as patiently as you can.

Memorialize the deceased. Children need concrete ways to mourn the death of a loved one.

Don’t try to be perfect. Ask for help from friends and relatives, and remember that the more you help yourself cope, the better you’ll be able to help your child cope, both now and later.

These are just simple explanations that you might consider reading. Hope it helps you out.

Stylish Lounges

If you’re working at home and really in need of having a comfortable place to sit at, I recommend to check out chaise lounge from ChaiseLounges.com. They have a site wide sale going on. Save from 20 tp 50%.


I don’t have a designated office area in our house, so I wish I could have one of these elegant lounges. Raising your leg up while working is really a must. You’ll feel comfortable + the flow of blood from your body will be more normal and at ease (right? I think so…)

Anyway, have a good weekend everyone.

80’s TV Series

Let us look back and reminisce the best TV series in the 80’s. Sharing you below my favorites.

One of my favorite medical series back in the 80’s is “Doogie Howswer, M.D.”. Who will forget the genius teenager who pass the board at the age of 14? I used to watch this series when I was still in Saudi. Love those medical computer cart that they use in the hospital.

Another one that I like is “MacGyver”. The secret agent armed with almost infinite scientific resourcefulness. This guy can do everything.

Lastly, is this romantic series set up in the 1900s. “Road to Avonlea” is a story about a young girl who was sent to live with relatives in Prince Edward Island. I’m looking forward for Gus and Felicity’s love story.

What’s your favorite TV series? Care to share?

6 Tips for Teaching Your Young Child to Listen and Focus

Having a toddler right now who needs attention I think will be one of the challenging stage of being a mom. Taking care of Julia is testing my patience up to the highest level, that sometime I just give a long sigh and will look at my husband and giving him signs for help. Thank God my husband is always here to help me out in talking things to our daughter. It really takes two to tango. I admit that I’m always the “hard way” with regards to training our child, and Hubby is always the “good way” – that means, talking things over. Me on the other hand means “time-out”.

So I decided to check out some help in order for me to have a better understanding with my daughter. I hope this one will help you as well.

1. Get Down to Your Child’s Level and Make Eye Contact

Speaking to your child when you can look him right in the eye is the best way to get a toddler’s attention, Circle of Moms members suggest. Get down on his level, advises Sarah H. "If you are not already doing so, get down to his level and make him look at you when you are talking to him," she says. "It helps to take away distractions. Otherwise just keep doing what you are doing and follow through with the discipline if he is not obeying or listening.

2. Be Firm, Be Clear, Be Consistent

Don’t harp on it, just tell him simply and clearly that you expect him to listen when someone else is talking — at home or at school, suggest Circle of Moms members. "The best thing is consistency," says Jeneva W. "Make sure you, your husband and the daycare/preschool teachers are all on the same page with how you handle his behavior and what he gets time outs for. If there are any differences it will confuse him. Also make sure to point out the positive behavior as much as possible. This is just as important as consistency."

3. Follow Through Quickly

Make it clear to your 3-year-old that you mean what you say by following up immediately with a timeout if he continues to talk or shout over you or someone else he is supposed to be listening to, Circle of Moms members suggest. Being swift to correct  a child will pay off quickly. Says Sarah H. "I do day care and find that at two years, they spend a lot of time in time-out, but by the time they hit three they are having only a few time-outs, and most of the time a warning does just fine."

4. Keep Reinforcing Your Message

Repetition matters, suggest Circle of Moms members. "I have a 2.5 year old and they like to ignore people but I ask him once, ask him again, then count to three," says Diane G. "Most of the time I don’t get to three." Pip L. agrees: "One of the things I do to make sure I’m listened to is to make them repeat the instruction I give, sometimes I might even make them say it a few times so we’re all on the same page."

5. Model Good Manners and Listening Skills

You can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk when it comes to modeling good manners and listening skills for preschoolers. "Modeling manners will go a long way," says Arlene S. "You would be surprised how many preschoolers are not taught them."

6. Remember, It Gets Better

Hang in there even if your child comes home with reports from the teacher that he is jumping all over the place when she is trying to get the class to sit on the mat and listen, advise Circle of Moms members who have been there. "I’ve got five boys, and the youngest two are two-year-old twins," says Pip L. "All I can say is, it gets better with age"

Plan The Perfect Trip

It’s summer time back home. A lot of my friends are planning for their summer get away. Reading ahead hotel reviews in order to help them choose the best offer. It’s always fun to go around with your family. I still remember our trip 2 years ago in Boracay, Philippines.

I wish to go back and enjoy the breeze of the water on my feet. I was 2 months pregnant that time, and hated my mood swings. I slept most of the time. Ugh! I swear to myself that we’ll come back and will enjoy my time.

I’m looking over Gogobot to check out their reviews of travelers all over the world. It breaks my heart seeing “Caribbean” and “Europe”. Those are my dream places that I hope to visit some day. The travelers feedback and their reviews about the places they were look so exciting.  I showed the places to my husband and I’m sure that he’ll check it out for planning our next trip in the future.

It’s really nice to travel around the world if everything is plan ahead of time. And one of the best thing about reading a good reviews, are the tips that the travelers can provide for you. I remember our stay again in Boracay, we had to depend on my friend who went there before. She did all the research, reservations and did all the talking with all the people that we need to contact before.

Ratings in particular is the next important thing you need to check for planning the best trip. Having a 5 star rating I guess is important, but for me a 4 star is acceptable.

So for those out there planning their next trip, good luck to you all. Don’t forget to have FUN. Make sure that you pack up all the things you needed. Write it down and first kit is a must. Be safe everyone.

Savor All The Struggles

Feeling down…

But I received the email below:

Dear Jhari,

When money comes quickly, there is a tendency not to value it.  Money that comes in easy will go away easy too.  So savor all the struggles of earning money.  Money by itself will not make you happy.  But how you earned the money and what you’ll do with the money after you earned it can make you happy.  If you earned it by serving others and if you share your wealth to others—there lies the path to your freedom.

Be wise,

P.S. Jhari, I’ve blessed you with all that you need to earn.  Use what I have blessed you with.

Now I feel much better.

New Abode

A dear friend of mine recently moved in to their new humble abode. And we’re all so happy for her. God willing me and my family can find a new abode over here as well.  We are looking for new a career path then if we get lucky, we can get something to shelter us  as well. Not that we don’t have a place to stay in right now, but it’s still different if you have something to call as you “own”, right? I can’t wait for this coming May. We’re waiting for something that will change our lives forever. We keep our fingers cross and we lift it up to Allah. If it’s meant for us, then it’s for us. If not, then I guess, there’s something much brighter and special for us. Allah knows everything and knows what’s best for us. Speaking of home, have to check out this mobile homes for sale.