Numbers Start with 1, 2, 3

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Julia is now 3 years and 2 months old. I’m not sure if we’ll let her go to school by next school year. If we found her ready, then we’ll try out. If not, we have to wait for next year then. I’m happy and proud that she knows her ABC and 123. We’re practicing with colors as well. I started off with the rainbow colors, and so far she’s familiar with it too. Proud momma I am for having a smart toddler.

The other week, I asked her to trace out her name. Below is our first attempt. Not bad right? She knows the letter if you’ll identify it one by one. We have to work out with her writing in straight lines. I’ll get there.

This week I’m starting to let her be familiar with the numbers. She knows her number 1 which is a good thing. She can line up as many number 1 as she can. It’s not perfect, because you’ll see a short sometimes a long number 1. Hahaha! But again, not bad for a 3 year old who is just beginning to write. Then yesterday, I showed her how to write number 2. I used the connect the dots basis since she still can’t follow a perfect curve. So far, she’s getting to it perfectly fine. I noticed as well that she’ll start with her right hand. Then she’ll try to write with the left, then probably she had a hard time writing with the left, she shifted back to being a right handed. My fellow mommy says it’s normal at their age.


Anyway, I thank my SIL for encouraging me to start preparing her. I just hope that I will have more patience with teaching my daughter. It’s really hard. I know now the feeling of what my mom was doing before with me. Wow! A mother’s love is truly indescribable.


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