Housewarming Gifts

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I was hoping that I can order a gift for a friend’s new house, because they moved in a few weeks ago to their new apartment. Aside from her, since I’m here staying with my SIL, their apartment is still new as well. So might as well order two gifts then. It’s nice to give something for them and to welcome a new journey ahead for their new abode. Below are some photos that I’m thinking to give. What to do you think?

Live, Laugh, Love Clock Embossed Metal Tile Wine Inspired Photography Framed Prints

I just hope it can be delivered before the end of the month. Christmas is 3 days from now, so I know that they will not receive it within this week, but hopefully before the end of the month.

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  1. KATHLEEN says:

    These are the "traditional" housewarming gifts…

    * Bread – that this house may never know hunger.

    * Salt – that life may always have flavor.

    * Wine – that joy and prosperity may reign forever.

    * Candle: So you'll always have light to banish the dark times.

    * Coins: For luck.

    * Honey or Sugar: To remember life's sweetness.

    *Broom: To sweep the evil out.
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