Panoramic View

I must share you this beautiful and amazing view overlooking my SIL’s place. Awesome! Subhan’Allah! God is truly awesome with his works.

Panoramic view from SIL's home sweet home.

I will try to make a whole view in the following days. This was just taken using “Panorama” app over the iPhone so as you can see there’s a vertical line on the photo. But it still works fine with me.

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Housewarming Gifts

I was hoping that I can order a gift for a friend’s new house, because they moved in a few weeks ago to their new apartment. Aside from her, since I’m here staying with my SIL, their apartment is still new as well. So might as well order two gifts then. It’s nice to give something for them and to welcome a new journey ahead for their new abode. Below are some photos that I’m thinking to give. What to do you think?

Live, Laugh, Love Clock Embossed Metal Tile Wine Inspired Photography Framed Prints

I just hope it can be delivered before the end of the month. Christmas is 3 days from now, so I know that they will not receive it within this week, but hopefully before the end of the month.

First Day & First Night

What an amazing view this is for us. My SIL is living on the 40th floor and this is the view from their veranda. I was amazed by the beauty of the twinkling lights at night and the amazing high scrapers in the morning. UAE really is a beautiful country.


We haven’t been around the city yet, though they’ve already brought me and my kids over Carrefour City Centre yesterday to buy some things that we need. It’s like 5 blocks away from their building. And a blessing in disguise that my BIL is here as well while waiting for a flight home. He took pictures of my kids and will show it to my parents back home.

Aside from the jetlag and headache, I’m still so blessed to be here and to share this view with you.

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We’re Here!

Sharjah welcomed us with a beautiful sunrise yesterday. Yep, we’re here. And we’re hoping for a brighter day. My SIL and her husband opened their doors for us and my kids to stay with them for a while. I’m so blessed to have them in my life. I couldn’t ask for anything more, and I just pray that this light will bring forth good news for me and my family. Ya Rab! Ya Allah!

Layout Share–Pink Sisters

Yes, I’m still scrapping but not always. I’m yet to face another challenge and I’m still keeping up with it. Project December Daily is good to go. But I missed 2 days of not taking photos of my kiddos though. A friend advice me to just write full journal for that day instead. Well, that’s easy. I just hope my memory can recall what happen on that day. Gulp!

LO66 - Pink Sisters

I made this layout a month ago. Our two love birds – all grown up. Click on the image for the layout credits.


I’m loosing my patience with these recent blackout for the past few weeks where we are right now. They used to cut the power in a specific time of the day. And it’ll only last for like an hour. But now, they will cut off the power in the afternoon for 3 hours then again in the evening at 9 or 9:30pm and will come back after 2 or 3 hours, which annoys me and my in-laws too. Oh I really pray these political issues over here will be over real quick. People are suffering because of what’s happening. Decisions are to be made sooner or later, otherwise I’m pretty sure things will get worse. Ya Rab! Ya Allah!

Seasonal Scrubs

Many of my friends are working in the hospital and it’s nice to see them in nursing uniforms, but I adore most is my friend who’s in Canada right now. She sent me a photo of her wearing her scrub suit that’s just right for this season. It’s snowing and it’s freezing cold she said.

I’ll be looking into some products like the above photos to send her soon. I know she’ll receive it late, but it’s better late than never.

Be Happy

At 12:01 am today, God whispered to me:

Dear Jhari,

Surrender your stress to Me now.  Your body wasn’t made for severe stress. 

Be happy,

P.S. Jhari, I’m taking off from your shoulders all your worries and fears and anxieties today.  Don’t get them back! 

Yes, I’ve been really stressed lately. I’m thinking a lot of things that sometimes, I’m an inch of giving up hope. But when I read this, it made me realize that it’s not always dark. I mean, we sleep at night and then we get up the next day. And when we wake up, there’s the sun. And it’s bright. That means right now, whatever situation my family are into, I know that Allah God Almighty will always be there to lift us up on this dark side of our lives. It’s hard, but it’s ok. It hurts, but it doesn’t matter anymore. Because it’s in the past. What matters now is the present and future. AMEN!

Project DD

I’m sorry I lost track of updating. These past few days, our internet connection is very slow. So aside from tweeting, I tried to cope up with my project this year end. Me and my friends have decided to hopefully prepare an album. Our December Daily is up and running. Tried to made a draft out of the templates that I’m downloading everyday from Roadside Designs, but then I realized that I just have to wait until I decided on what kit I’ll use first. So I’m hanging actually. The good news is that I’m taking photos everyday with my camera – not the phone, the big one. Yup, Nikki D is on the go everyone. And he’s clean – finally. So what’s up with you guys?

10 happy days more before Christmas. Have you guys completed your wish list and attended office parties? I guess so. It’ll be a busy day ahead. Enjoy everyone!

Christmas Songs

If you love Glee, aside from watching the show, it’s a must that you have all the 6 albums of their songs. I didn’t download the volumes for Madonna and the Horror Show though. I’m happy with the 6 Volumes, the Warblers and the 2 Christmas albums that they have. Still waiting for the release of their 7th volume. “Someone Like You” mashed up with “Rumors Has It” I heard will be included.


And so for my playlist this month, it’s all about Christmas songs. Let’s all be merrier this season and feel the love and spirit of having our family around. And of course, the big sister’s a Gleek too.

At 31…

  • happily married for 4 years and counting.
  • a mother of 2 adorable girls.
  • fortunate to be a SAHM.
  • still loves to Tweet and blog
  • now in the process of completing a photo-book.
  • found true friends online
  • and lastly, blessed to still be alive and breathing.

There you go. I turned 31 yesterday. My family-in-laws insisted to buy a cake for me. I have all the things I need right now, but there’s only one thing I want. Before blowing off my candles, I made a wish. I really don’t make wishes on my birthday. Hubby’s always there to ask me and give me what I wish for. He’s like my living Santa. And this year, after 31 years, I made my first wish. Parang bata lang ulit. They say that wishes do come true. Well, I wish that my wish will be granted. There’s so much to be thankful for. And writing it over words is not enough for it. Why only 4 candles? Because it’ll be to much if you put 31 candles on top of it right? ;) Besides, my birthday is on the 4th of December, so might as well put 4 on it. One for each of my family too. Alhamdulillah! Thanks be to God.

For All OFW

Jhellai, a dear friend of mine way back college, will soon depart with her family. A new journey ahead for her, and soon she’ll be officially an OFW – just like me, a year ago. She shared me this video that made me cry and missed my family back home. There’s truly nothing more special on a Christmas day, but to be with our family. Watch it, and see for yourself.

I really love how Coca-Cola Philippines made this one. The best! And Jhellai, thanks for sharing this video. Good luck on your adventure. Will be praying for you Kambal. You very well know I’m just a chat away.

25 Days of Christmas 2011 Template

It’s the start of December. Hurry hurry and be update with Road Side Design’s give away for this month. Click here.

I’m keeping my fingers cross that I’ll be able to do a daily photo for this month. Even just for this month. I thank Suzanne for the heads up. Will this be my first PB? Hmmm… good luck to me.