Avoid Toxic People

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Dear Jhari,

Are there people in your life that aren’t making you a better person?  Avoid toxic people.  Love them, yes, but don’t spend too much time with them.  Life is short!

Be wise,

P.S. Jhari, I’ve provided wonderful people around you to be your friends, teachers, and inspiration.  Look for them.

Yup, I’m following orders. That’s why I stick up with my friends over the blog and Twitter. I haven’t seen them personally (except for Maileen), but I know them by heart. And they don’t treat me like a stranger at all. They are my true friends online to whom I can share with my ups and downs in life. Aside from barkada back home, these are the people which I don’t ever want to avoid in the future. Besides, it’s not right to avoid people who prays for you, who sends you happy thoughts and positive vibes, who encourages you, who inspires you and admire you for your strength. These are people worth sticking with until the end. I just wish that I will have the chance to meet with them. If that happens, I assure you that I will be speechless. I really am a shy type you know – yeah right! ;) THANK YOU BEBOTS FOR EVERYTHING!


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