You’re the Apple of our I’s

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When iPhone was launched 2 years ago in the Middle East (Qatar to be specific) where I used to work, I had doubts on buying this phone. I asked for opinions and comments from friends who are already an Apple product users. I said to myself, I’m happy and content with my that time current phone Nokia 6500 Slide. And I still have my Nokia Pink N73 for music and a Symbian phone so why bother upgrade? I was working in sales. And as time passes by, the number of customers buying these units from us made me feel like this product is really worth a try. Not that I’m not confident on what I’m selling, it’s just that as a sales person (not yet that time the end-user) I felt something really different if I’ll have one of these cool and fastest iPhone yet.

And so for my 29th birthday, I bought my very own White iPhone 3Gs 32gb – until now, I love every bit of it.

Julia learned to sing her ABC’s and the sounds of random animals because of my iPhone. That’s why I’m thankful for the creator of the phone. THANK YOU Steve Jobs for sharing us your ideas. He made things possible with the things we thought not possible. May his soul be rest in peace.

You’re the APPLE of our I’s.


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