Julie & Julia

So what’s up with these two? Well since their Facebook page doesn’t have any activity for almost 2 months, might as well give you a hint of what they are up to these days.


There you go. My two lovely dovey daughters, Julie & Julia. Big sister is growing up very attentive and curious with the things around her. She would gradually ask from time to time the things that is new to her. Like asking why do we eat? What’s inside her tummy? Why she needs to take a bath? Why she need to dress up? Why she needs to poo? Thank God I’m passing the set of questions she’s throwing at me. Questions of a toddler that I’m having trouble lately on what and how to respond. A commenter told me once, that being a stay-at-home-mom is like going to school as well. Because you have to be ready with all the questions of your teacher child and do a lot of research on how to answer them in the most appropriate and nomad way.

The little one on the other hand is getting all the attentions lately. She smiles a lot and she makes a lot of funny noises too. Her sleeping habits are normal, except that she stays awake longer in the day – which makes me a hands on mom. I’m keeping up with it though. I’m thankful that my mother-in-law is here to help out with the cooking. Otherwise, I don’t know how I will ever get through a day.

That’s it for them. Big sister’s birthday is coming up soon. In 10 days, she’ll turn 3. While the little one’s turning 5 months on the 4th – I’m getting old! Gosh!

Free November Desktop

Wow! Where did October went? It’s seem like yesterday I was just posting a photo of over the first week of October, and now we’re in the last 2 days of this month. 2 more months and we’re here to welcome year 2012. Now that’s great news.

So everyone, here’s a new change for the new month. Download this month’s desktop wall paper from of course my favorite Shabby Shoppe blog. Click on the image below to view their site. Don’t forget to comment and say thanks.


I miss scrapping. I lost my mojo sometime last September, and I’m still looking for it. If by any chance you came across with it, share some with me please? Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

For A Great Success

Dear Jhari,

Embrace failure.  Fail forward.  Fail quickly.  So that you can start again.
It’s the only road to success.

To your great success,

P.S. Jhari, you will succeed.  I know.

Waking up in the morning and reading an inspiration such as this made my day. Now I’m confident that I truly am in the right path. Ya Rabi, Ya Allah. We lift it up to you. As always, may your WILL be done.

Have a blessed Sunday everyone.

Lily Dearest

It’s been a while since my last post for our dearest Lily. She’s turning 5 months this coming 4th of November. She’s growing up so fast that sometimes I wish I could just pause the time. I’m thankful that her sleeping habit are not the same like before. Bedtime is strictly at 9:30pm, maximum of 10pm. The big sister is still adjusting, though she knows that it’s time for bed. It will take her though to really fall asleep after an hour, but Lily tuck herself Masha’ Allah at the time I lay her down on her crib.

More of her:

  • She giggles a lot.
  • I noticed that she loves to eat, so we give a her a taste of a milk biscuit and a banana once or twice. I can’t wait to see eat solid food by 6 months.
  • Her hair is getting lighter
  • and her skin color as well.
  • Her eyes is turning golden brown in the middle (I have the feeling that this time, her eye color will be the same like her Papa).
  • She love Tete (grandma).
  • and she loves her big sister too.

That’s all for now. Living you with a photo of her playing around with her toes. Her favorite snack of the day, hahaha! :) Yeah I know, she looks like me aye?

For Dad

November is a special month for us. For the 1st week, we’ll be celebrating the BIL’s birthday, 2nd will be for Julia (she’s turning 3), and 3rd will be a week for my dad’s birthday. I found a site that offers great gift for Dad for any occasion. Great ideas and good deals. Looking something to cheer up dad, and I hope he’ll like it too – well I’m sure he will. He’s fond of surprises. A busy birth-month for us.

Battle of the Tomatoes

Have you ever heard such of a thing about the tomato fight? The other day I was able to check about it and I was amazed on how dedicated these participants are with this type of event. So basically the major thing about this is to throw each other with tomatoes, and they call it the Tomato Battle. A different type of thing that you can experience from time to time and it looks FUN!

Before you join such event, I’m happy that security and safety of each participant are being considered and a first on their list. Signing an e-sign waiver, age restriction (should be 14 years old above), no stuff that could cause injuries to each participants (example: bottle), and the one thing I like is for you to make sure that the tomato that you want to throw to another person should be crushed first. Not just fun, but a safe battle indeed. 5 cities in the States will sponsor this event: Seattle, Norcal, Socal, Texas and Georgia. I have friends living in Seattle, I think they will sign-up.

Looking over the event photos and seeing the expressions on their faces, it looks like once you start throwing, you’ll never stop. Thousands of tomatoes all over your body, exciting!

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Now On iOS5

With the help of dear friend Shey, I was able to update my iPhone’s OS on the first day of launching. It took an estimated time of 5 1/2 hours for the update to finish though. I had to back it up 4x because of the system error saying that there’s something wrong with erroneous –50 message (something like that). Aside from that, the speed of the internet was so slow that night. But never the less, I was able to update it. And here’s the first screen shot when I was done updating it.

Done. Grabe tagal!

Video Tour: Everything You Need to Know About iOS 5 in Seven Minutes – Here.

For those of you who haven’t updated their OS, it’s the time :) You’ll enjoy each features I’m sure of that.

QP Freebie

While I was checking up some orders for Padron cigars, I decided to blog hop under my digital scrapbooking websites. Look what I found: a hopping Halloween QP freebie from Sahlin Studio’s blog.

I’m a fan of her creations. Her designs are simple and always a clean layout. With a little bit of that and a little bit of this, voila! Click on the image to be directed on her site and download the freebie. Don’t forget to leave a comment and give thanks.

Which Mountain?

Dear Jhari,

Before you climb a mountain, check if it’s the right mountain to climb.

Bless you,

P.S. What do you really want, Jhari?  Clarity precedes success.  If you’re clear on your dreams, nothing can stop you.

If you ask me, I’m not sure as to what mountain I really want to climb on. But the above inspirational advice tells me that I’m doing the right thing and in the right path – this time. Insha Allah – God willing.

Christmas Tree

A friend in the States are now buying Christmas wreathes online; and aside from these, she and her children are setting up their Christmas tree for this year. I think they will have the traditional red as the color for their tree. Last year, they set up a silver and gold combination. They have small fireplace, so imagine yourself sitting around in their living room with that tall tree and a cozy seat, plus lots of gifts to give. Oh dear, I love holidays.

So have you set up your Christmas tree? ;)

It’s His Birthday

I don’t have a scrapping mojo right now. It’s been a month. But when I was organizing and at the same time unzipping all my previous downloaded kits, I found a QP which is just in time for Hubby’s birthday. And so I wrote a him a letter saying how much I love him (as usual), and how much we miss him badly.

LO63 - Celebrate

Happy birthday Sweetheart! Click the image for the credits.

I’m off to review some stuff about name tags. The husband of a fellow mommy got promoted and they are looking for good deals for this one. They need to change the title for his job role. All the best for his career.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts

1. I was able to login over Instagram. But the updates are slow that sometimes it works fast, sometimes it’s so slow; that refreshing feeds are not pushing through. Never the less, I’m happy to see updates over my phone.
2. I saw a plane flew by in the sky…. haaayyysssttt… One of the signs I’m waiting for. It’s very unusual for airplane to pass by in our area. It’s a good sign, a positive one.
3. MIL is cooking Béchamel for lunch.
4. Lily’s smile.
5. Julia’s appetite with food is way much better than before. She drinks milk twice or thrice a day compare to the usual 4 bottle per day.
6. SIL is on her last trimester of pregnancy. Masha’Allah!
7. New proxy is doing well. My Tweetdeck is back.
8. Bebot friends are all well and preggy mommies are all doing good, Alhamdulillah Thank God.
9. Friends and family back home are all safe and
finally, 10. Fairy God mother is here to save the day.