10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

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Just a warning to all of FB users out there. Beware and read along these important don’ts below. You’ll never know what FB can do to you – and your family. Trust me, I know!

1. Post About How Much You Hate Your Job

- It’s tempting to air out your grievances on Facebook, but remember your employer could be watching. Who on earth don’t have a Facebook account? I’m sure even CEO’s have their account and being handle by assistants, right?

2. Show That You Support Underage Drinking Through Your Pictures

The police are now scouting Facebook pictures for evidence of underage drinking, so before you post that fun night out, you might want to think twice.

3. Post Evidence That You Cheated On Your Significant Other

News flash: Divorce lawyers know how to use Facebook too. So imagine this as one of the evidence once you’re in the court with your ex? So be extra careful on this one folks.

4. Update Your Status While Robbing A House

If you’re going to do something illegal, it’s pretty obvious that you shouldn’t leave evidence – which also includes logging out of your Facebook profile if you so happened to check in while robbing a house. Had this thief not stopped to check his profile on his way out, he may have never been caught. Instead, now there’s irrefutable evidence he was in the victim’s home illegally.

5. Ask For Help So You Can Plagiarize

Asking people for what the homework assignment was on Facebook is fine, but when you start copying answers from posts on walls and groups it becomes plagiarism. (I guess these applies to teenagers).

6. Post Naked Pictures of Your Ex

If you’re angry at your ex, don’t take it out on them by posting private material shared between you two – and especially don’t post in on Facebook. (Exactly! Move on because doing this will just make things worst and will be a negative effect on you anyway).

7. Extort People Through Facebook

Extortion is always illegal, but doing it through Facebook leaves digital evidence that a criminal will find hard to erase.

8. Admit You Aren’t Going To Be Home For While

Burglars are now becoming tech savvy and checking Facebook to see if you are out of the house.(Facebook they say is the best way to have a stalker. So if you don’t want these to happen to you, be wise enough to write your where about).

9. Brag About All Your New, Expensive Items

Yeah, we know you want to tell all your friends about that cool new computer, iPad and iPod you got for your birthday, but remember there may be some disingenous people reading your Facebook update as well. (I guess it’s okay to brag about it, especially if it’s really worth it and you bought it by your own sweating money, but just be careful because you’ll never know the eyes of those envious people out there).

10. Admit To A Crime On Facebook

Admitting to a crime can get you in legal hot water. (Now, why on earth would you admit a crime over a hundreds of people who can read it? Duh!)

So, do you think you’ve done any of the above list? This is just a beware. All of us has it’s own points of views with regards to privacy and stuff to say in a social networking site like this. Just be responsible for your actions and the words that may affect other peoples lives. In other words, don’t be sira ulo! Hahaha! :D Check the rest of the side notes here.

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