Fast Way To Read Your Google Reader Feeds

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Who among you loves to see updates from their friends? Blog hop? Thanks to Diane, who shared me this easy way to read my subscriptions easily. I created a bookmark specially for the “Bebots” category. It’s much easy reading their stories over their own site. Plus, I’m blog hopping randomly as well. Now, my reads is zeroed out. Hope this helps you as well.

Choose the best one for you. Mine is Trick #3.

Trick 1: Google Reader Play

Google Play is a new toy Google itself has created for Google Reader. It is an impressive way to view the more visual post items from your feeds.


Trick 2: Feedly

Feedly is an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari (it’s also got an iPhone app). What Feedly does is re-design the layout of your unread Google Reader feed items to make it look better in a way designed to be browsed in a leisurely fashion. It compartmentalises each of your folders, showing thumbnails and short snippets of the post with each of the titles.

Plus, Feedly features a couple of items at the very top with large thumbnails in a semi-magazine style. It also links into your Twitter account, making it easy to share the things you find.

Trick 3: Make “Next Bookmark” Toolbar Buttons

These “Next Bookmark” buttons are easy to set up, but people seem to forget they exist. Head to Google Reader and click on “Manage Subscriptions” in the bottom-left corner. Click on the “Goodies” tab and scroll down. You have the option of making a simple “Next” button or to choose a specific folder and create a “Next” button for that folder only.

Bebots Bookmark

Thanks to this article too :) Now enjoy reading your reads dear friends.


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