Ber Month

“Wake me up when September ends…”

My golly! Tomorrow is the start of the Holiday countdown back home. Can’t imagine that the next months will be bery ber – LOL! So dear friends, update your desktop wall paper and download Shabby Princess’ free here. The theme is about school – I guess, it’s the start of the school year in some regions already.


But since both of my girls are still not yet in school, might as well put a photo for my family. The photo was just a snap shot goofing around with Papa.

Something Borrowed

Most of you probably saw the movie “Something Borrowed” which is based on the novel written by Emily Giffin. I’ve read the book, thanks to ate Kaje for the recommendation. While watching, I noticed the shoes that Rachel was wearing when Darcy was confessing to her about her affair with Marcus and her pregnancy.

aldo shoes[001280]

Yipee! We have the same shoes. Actually, this was from Aldo – one of my favorite shoes. It’s comfortable, and it was on sale when I bought it too.

Another thing that I noticed from the said movie was this. Notice something blue from this picture?

Something Borrowed

Yeah, that’s “Something Blue” alright. The sequel to this movie. I can’t wait for it. Because I love Ethan’s character.

Something Blue

Friday Fill-Ins

I don’t know if I’m just plain stupid or I just really ignore the days. I feel like it’s just Wednesday. Gosh! Anyway, it’s time for another FFI.


1. How in the world did I forget about the days in the week?
2. My laptop is in front of me (as we speak)
3. Life’s unpredictable. You might be in my shoes someday, and I might be in yours. 
4. We plan to have a picnic lunch once FIL arrives for a short vacation.
5. That was where we were?
6. “Twitter” I think of as "our place" (speaking as a Bebot)
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to spend some quality time with Hubby, tomorrow my plans include a little time to scrap and Sunday, I want to blog hop!

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We’re almost at the end of August. Time flies so fast, I’m so happy that Ramadan is near it’s end. Eid Holidays is just around the corner. We’re hoping that FIL can come home to celebrate with us. The girls will be so glad to see him. I miss my SIL’s as well. And we’re really hoping to get along together soon.

By the way, my SIL who’s pregnant will have a baby boy. She’ s due 2nd week of January 2012. We can’t wait to meet the new bundle of joy. Anyway, that’s it for the mean time. I need to review this collision estimation that my friend is talking about. Ciao for now.

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Finally, Organized Scrap Kits

And so, the final set up is here. Suzanne shared me some ideas on how to organized my kits. She gave me this link from Daily Digi and she’s using Katie’s system. Mine on the other hand is used to arrange my kits by store. Ever since I started to scrap, I subscribed form their news letter. Some shops give out a free whole kit once a week, so each time I download these files, it will be easy for me to easily drag and drop them off each assigned folder. I don’t delete TOUs and some additional notes inside the kit so it’s easy for me to credit the designers itself.

This is what’s inside my Digi scrap folder right now. The black folder are kits and while the beige folder are for templates.Folder

If you click on one folder kit, this is what it will look like:
Full Kit Folder

This is a folder full of kits from Digital Crea. Thank God for freebies! :D

Now I’m inspired to scrap since everything looks so organized. I would like to quote what Katie said on her post:

Finally, I want to emphasize that there is no “right’ or “wrong” way to organize your supplies. Spend some time thinking what your digital scrapbooking process is and what kind of workflow you prefer. It’s important to set up a system that is easy to maintain so you don’t have to spend all your creative time filing supplies. The goal is to find what you are looking and get to the fun part of creating!

There you go fellow scrappers. Go ahead and organized yours. See what system will work for you.

Organized Scrap Kits

I’m currently organizing my folder kits. I thank my Hubby for teaching me how to customized my folder icons. He has this software that changes pictures to an icon format. Now I can easily identify which kits I have and the names of the designers. I already customized the first 3 folders, and I still have a lot of folders to do. As you can see, I organized them by kits, then my templates.

And for each sub folder, thanks to Suzanne for the tips. I can easily preview the kits. I honestly can say that I’m an “OC” for the first time :D


Since there is nothing else to do (for now), might as well be busy with this. Thanks again Sweety for helping out.

Potty Trained

I tweeted like a month ago I think that Julia’s potty trained already. However, we still have to keep her on diaper at night. Though in her nap time in the afternoon, she don’t pee at all. I guess, deep sleep comes at bed time. I’m so glad that she can be instructed easily to inform us if she wants to go. Look at the graph below. So proud that she’s in line with the 2.5 years fully potty trained.

I hope that the technique I used to train Julia will also apply with her baby sister Julie once she reach this age.

Dining Table Ideas

We need an idea for a dining table for our home sweet home. We have a limited space though, so I browsed some ideas. I hope that hubby will approve any of this style. I’m looking for a 4 sitter set with 2 more extras just in case my family-in-laws comes for a visit. A visitor may come along as well, so we’ll never know.

So here are some ideas I chose. What do you think? For the 2 photos below, I want the 2nd option. I like the idea of having a small stool (this will serve as the extra – just in case).

1st Option2nd Option

The dining table for this one is cute. I like the combination of baby blue, mahogany and white. But ours is chocolate brown and off white, so we need to stick to that color.

And this one is very elegant. More on like a condominium style. But I like their dining area. So I have this as one of the options.

5th Option

There you go. At least I blogged it already. So just in case we’re ready to have it made, I’ll just look over my archives for this designs.

Fast Way To Read Your Google Reader Feeds

Who among you loves to see updates from their friends? Blog hop? Thanks to Diane, who shared me this easy way to read my subscriptions easily. I created a bookmark specially for the “Bebots” category. It’s much easy reading their stories over their own site. Plus, I’m blog hopping randomly as well. Now, my reads is zeroed out. Hope this helps you as well.

Choose the best one for you. Mine is Trick #3.

Trick 1: Google Reader Play

Google Play is a new toy Google itself has created for Google Reader. It is an impressive way to view the more visual post items from your feeds.


Trick 2: Feedly

Feedly is an extension for Firefox, Chrome and Safari (it’s also got an iPhone app). What Feedly does is re-design the layout of your unread Google Reader feed items to make it look better in a way designed to be browsed in a leisurely fashion. It compartmentalises each of your folders, showing thumbnails and short snippets of the post with each of the titles.

Plus, Feedly features a couple of items at the very top with large thumbnails in a semi-magazine style. It also links into your Twitter account, making it easy to share the things you find.

Trick 3: Make “Next Bookmark” Toolbar Buttons

These “Next Bookmark” buttons are easy to set up, but people seem to forget they exist. Head to Google Reader and click on “Manage Subscriptions” in the bottom-left corner. Click on the “Goodies” tab and scroll down. You have the option of making a simple “Next” button or to choose a specific folder and create a “Next” button for that folder only.

Bebots Bookmark

Thanks to this article too :) Now enjoy reading your reads dear friends.

Searching for a Lawyer?

My sister in law is a Lawyer. But she’s currently handling criminal cases in the court. As she was reading some articles about other some related issues over the internet, she found out that in the States, there’s a legal office which is entirely for resolving child’s injuries. Austin personal injury attorney is what you’ll be needing if you are in fight against illnesses such as the known Topamax. It’s a good thing she mentioned this to me since a friend of my Uncle is looking for one. They are lucky to found these expert lawyers. They handle even the most complex and products liability claims.

If you’re within their vicinity, here’s their address:
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6 Affordable Toy Storage Solutions That Work

Julia’s in the stage of cluttering the room every time she plays with her toys. Ending up me being the bad mom, because I don’t allow her to play with them. So I decided to check on some mommy ideas on how to get an affordable storage once she’s ready to clean up as well.

1. Open Bin Organizers
2. Stacking Plastic Containers
3. Cardboard Boxes
4. Laundry Baskets
5. Wooden Boxes or Crates
6. A Responsibility Chart

No matter what storage system you choose, Julianne M. reminds us that the most important thing to remember is to get rid of the old toys to make room for the new. And Erin H. leaves us with this clean-up song to inspire you upward and onward in your never-ending battle against clutter!

Clean up, clean up, everyone everywhere.
Clean up, clean up, everyone’s doing their share!

“If You Could See Me Now”

I’m reading this right now. Thanks to dear friend Suzanne for the books to read over my iPhone. I can’t wait to finish it since I was able to read now the summary.

If You Could See Me Now

Plot summary

Trapped in a stifling, small town in Ireland, Elizabeth Egan had always been known as a serious woman, never laughing at jokes or taking joys from the simplest pleasure of life. This is due to the effect of being abandoned by her free-spirited mother when she was young and was forced to grow up to babysit her sister, Saoirse.

Taking advantage of the obliged responsibilities instilled in Elizabeth, Saoirse continued to lead life with abandonment leaving Elizabeth to be stuck with Luke, Saoirse’s son.

At the age of six, Luke claims to have a friend named Ivan who Elizabeth cannot see. Though at first she is exasperated with this imaginary friend, she starts playing along with Luke when she learns that imaginary friends will only last about 3 months.

Though invisible to most, Ivan is real. Only Luke and Saoirse can see him, though he comes to realize that Elizabeth can feel his presence. Knowing that only people who are in real need of a friend are able to see him, he follows Elizabeth around. When, suddenly, she is able to see him, Ivan is delighted, but disappointed just as quickly when she thinks him to be the father of one of Luke’s friends. A friendship which soon turns into romance blossoms between them.

Ivan’s boss, Opal, sees his love for Elizabeth and tells him her own sad tale. She tells him that however much he wishes to be with Elizabeth a time will come when she will no longer be able to see him and will eventually age while he would remain young. However, Ivan is too much in love with Elizabeth and refuses to listen.

One day, when Elizabeth is hosting a party, she is no longer able to see Ivan and he realizes it is time to move on to a new friend. Ivan visits Elizabeth in a dream telling her that he was glad he met her and etc. A few days later, Elizabeth realizes that he was Luke’s ‘imaginary’ friend.

They went their separate ways, both changed after the experience. Elizabeth is more relaxed and Ivan admits that Elizabeth is something that is better than anything else.

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