Twitter Pregnancies

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Earlier this year, I found out that 3 of my Twitter friends are due the same month when I was still pregnant with Julie. Then came 2nd quarter of this year when 2 of them announces that they are on the way. Maileen for her 2nd baby, and Trinity for her 1st baby. And then yesterday, another one is blessed for the second time, my favorite digital scrapper Diane. We’re all so happy for her and we all pray for a safe pregnancy. There’s one more person we’re all waiting to be blessed, hopefully this year these lovely couple will be blessed soon. Always whispering a prayer for her. It’s ironic how we evolved in Twitter. Twitter babies, coming up. Hooray! :D

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  1. mel cole says:

    That is so cool sis. :-) I also got a friend who just got pregnant because she got jealous of me. hehe, thanks for dropping by my facebook profile. Hope you could join my worldwide giveaway in my blog link in this comment.

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