I Love You Mommy!

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…and I’ll always will for the rest of my life.

It’s my mother’s birthday next month. I’m thinking on what to gave her. Bag, shoes, new blouse probably, or simply love? It may sound mushy but it’s true. My mom has all the things she needs in life. It may not be material, but I believe that at her age right now, she had what she has always wanted, that’s for us (her children) to be contented with what we have with our own family and to be successful with all our decisions in life. I miss mom. I’m a person who can’t express myself verbally, but I know that she knows that she means so much to me. And I owe my life from her. Looking back when I still working back home, I could’ve gave my parents the best gift ever – that’s for them to have insurance. Both my parents are now senior citizen. Anyway, it’s still not late. I still can give them something to make them happy.

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