A Zugo Virus-Free

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Internet browsing is one of the major things I’m into as time passes by. Doing work is not the same if I’ll loose connection. There was a time when my laptop got infected with some bugs over the net. It took us a hard time to remove it. Good thing my husband is aware with most of the anti virus software application there is.

Nowadays, companies are growing up to fight these types of viruses. Zugo for example provides a spyware and malware-free solutions for it’s clients. They have this Zugo virus which is an anti-virus product and very well tested to serve a 100% virus-free at all times. As I search deeply about Zugo, I found out that it’s not just a support for anti-virus but a one-stop-shop for all software and web publishers that can provide a highly customized search products in order to add and create a revenue streams as well as to extend their brand offering. Zugo is partnered (non-exclusive) with the most commonly known search providers like Bing, Yahoo! and Ask. It flexibility with it’s platform allows a user to achieve it’s best experience possible. Believe it or not, it also has it’s own toolbar that you can install easily. This made me more excited since it’s a web browser add-on that allows you and some user to search through Zugo search providers whilst being able to still access Facebook (admit it, you’re always online there – me too! :) – Twitter, and other social networking services with just a click. And so what are you waiting for? Go and have a try then.


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