Gift for Mom

My friends over Twitter are all busy doing their photo book these past few days. There’s an on going promo from Artscow that’s why most of them are busy doing their layouts. Me on the other hand are looking for a perfect photo frame gifts for my mother. She’ll be celebrating her birthday this 2nd of August and I have the perfect photo layout for her. I’m also hunting designs and ideas on how to arrange photos over our wall. Look at the sample below, it’s a good way to post your photos. I love the black frames. Perfect for all colored painted walls.

deluxe wall gallery frame hall gallery frame set

How to Manage Your Time as a Busy Mom

Not every mom is lucky enough to be at stay at home parent. For some, a career choice or financial reasons are factors why mothers have to find work. Now motherhood alone is already a busy task and having to juggle time in between family and work is a tougher challenge. Time management is very important in order to provide the same amount of quality time between the two.

Here are some tips on how you can divide your time as a busy working mom:

Set up a schedule for household chores and follow them. Make a list of the tasks that you have to do for the day. In most cases, dinner preparation is a mom’s thing. Prepare the menu ahead of time so that you won’t need to think about it at the last minute.

Even at a young age, teach your kids about responsibilities. Let them help out in small ways such setting the table, folding the laundry or cleaning their rooms. Encourage them to participate in household activities and let them learn chores that are easy.

Do all your errands during the weekend or at night. Except for banking activities, you could set aside other errands for the weekend such as mails, bill payments and grocery shopping. It will be better to do and finish everything in one day to save time and money on gas.

Do not forget to amidst the crazy schedule, have some quality alone time. Go to the salon or get a massage once in a while in order to relieve stress and relax.

Mariel currently works as a freelance writer. Among her favorite topics include travel, current events, technology and fashion. She’s enjoying her current task writing for afslibning af gulve a project which is all about sanding of floors.

Friday Fill-Ins


7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to A QUIET DAY WITH MY FAMILY, tomorrow my plans include CREATING A LAYOUT FOR 1 OR 2 and Sunday, I want to CHECK WHAT ELSE WE CAN DO.

Have a wonderful Friday everyone. TGIF.

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Stressed in Instagaram, Part 2

It was here when I first experienced my loneliness, depression or whatever failure you can call it – for not being able to update in Instagram. And now, after almost 3 months of using my favorite app on my iPhone, here I am again, stressed with Instagram. Stressed because I can’t login. It keeps on telling me that it fails to connect to the login server and that I need to check if I’m connected with the wifi. Hayst! :( I tried all the troubleshooting steps that I need the previous time. It’s been 2 weeks since my last update. I envy my Bebot girlfriends for this. I already submitted a trouble ticket to Instagram Help desk, I hope that they reply soon.Instagram

Here’s a screen shot of the error message. If you by any chance encountered this problem, please let me know how to solve it. I appreciate any troubleshooting procedures you can recommend. TIA :D

Movies O’ Movies

I miss going to the movies. The last movie that I’ve seen on the big screen was a Filipino movie “My Amnesia Girl”. I haven’t been in the theater for almost 8 months now. I’m hoping that my next visit will be watching “Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1”. Yes, I’m a Twilighter fan like you. And I’m excited to see Edward and Bella again on the big screen. Insha Allah God willing, by November I’ll get to see them once again. For now, these two movies who hits the big screen big time, I’ll just wait for the DVD release :(

Transformers: Dark of the Moon HP7

Norway’s Tragedy

I’m not updated with the news around the world, except the current political issues here in Syria and some bed weather news back home. But when I tuned in to CNN the other day and heard about Norway’s tragedy, it made my heart melts. It’s like repeating what had happened in 9-11. My prayers for those people whose lives are in peace right now and for their families too.

Image from Flickr

In memory of the eight people killed in Friday’s explosion in Oslo and the 68 who died in the shooting at the youth camp on Utoya, people place letters, flowers and candles in many cities in Norway and around the world showing the sympathy they feels for the victims of the tragic incidents and their families and friends.

Lily Updates

And so here’s our little angel exactly 7wks old now. This photo was taken the other day though. She’s growing up looking somehow like me. Lily has my eyes. Whoever it is that she looks like, she’s still an angel for us and we love her just as she is.


Sleeping like a log in the morning and being nursed 3x a day, this is her habit every day. As much as I wanted to purely breastfeed her, I couldn’t. My supply is not enough. So we’re on a mix feeding here. I’m lucky that she’s not giving me a hard time at night. Masha’Allah. When Julia was born, I have my mom beside me so at night if she wakes up, I’m not the one who will get off the bed to check on her, my mom is. But this time, Lily’s a mama’s girl. I’m thankful as well  because Hubby’s doing good taking her when I do the cooking (not all the time). She smiles a lot these days too. Playing with her angels around her. Big sister Julia loves to kiss her cheeks. Who wouldn’t? I myself can’t resist it. Actually it’s all of us. That’s all for now. Will try to keep up with her updates if I can.

New Sneakers

Hubby and I are looking for the best graduation gift for BIL. Finally graduated after studying 5 years in the University taking up Pharmacy. He has plans to take his masters somewhere in the United States but he’ll just take some exams with GRE then he’ll apply. If he’s eligible to study the course with one of the Universities there, he’ll fly Insha Allah and will continue his course and fulfill his dreams.

So we’re thinking to give him a new sneakers. I check the stocks from one of the sneaker stores I found on the web, and here are the designs that we wish to order for him. I hope Hubby will agree on the designs that I chose.

Helly HansenRoca WearAdidas

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Combination Premiere Jewelry for Mothers and Daughters

While the relationship between a mother and her child is revered all over the planet, something that is even more potent and unbreakable is the relationship between a mother and her daughter. The primary reason why the relationship between a mother and her daughter is much stronger than one between a man and his mother is simply that the former draws on a lot more than just a mother child relationship. A relationship between a mother and her child also takes strength from the kind of bond that two women can form. In different words, it is stronger because two women will develop a better understanding than a woman and a man can ever achieve. This is why daughters are always looking for ways and means to celebrate their relationships with their mothers. The best way that this can be done is if you and your mother both wear identical premiere jewelry.

When the love between a mother and daughter is given a physical form through the action of wearing the same premiere jewelry, the results are truly magnificent. In fact, there are types of premiere jewelry available in the market that are specifically designed for mothers and daughters. These pieces of premiere jewelry are often known as combination premiere jewelry or even mother daughter premiere jewelry. In simplest words, these pieces of premiere jewelry are sold as pairs instead of as individuals. In fact, their true beauty is only realized when they are seen as a pair as against being seen as individuals.

Buying combination premiere jewelry is a much better option than to go to the market looking for identical pieces of jewelry. With the help of mother daughter premiere jewelry, you and your mother can wear the same pieces of jewelry simultaneously without effort. When you and your mother wear the combination premiere jewelry, it will soon become a lot more than just pieces of jewelry. These pieces of premiere jewelry will become a symbol of the bond and love that you share with your mother. You can find all types of combination mother daughter premiere jewelry online like pendants, chains, rings, bracelets and virtually everything else.


As I mentioned in my previous post, we went to visit SIL over her in-laws for lunch and decided to stay there for the night. Her brother-in-laws prepared a delicous meal for us.

Kabab has been one of my favorite meal aside from Kabsa (the famous Beryani rice with Chicken). And so when we arrived there, the guys had already prepared the grill and was just waiting for us so that they can start cooking.

Here’s a photo of the Kabab (edits from Instagram).

I was so full after eating much that day. Bloated as ever Masha’Allah.

Farm Town

Last Friday, I was MIA the whole day with no access to the internet because we visited my SIL at her in-law’s house. I was amazed on the things that grows at their back yard. We stayed there over night and enjoyed our stay since they prepared a lot of food to eat. Here are some photos to share. Roll over the photo to see the names.

Lemon TreeCactusOlivesTinMintTomatoesLettuceParsleyGrapesPearApricotsPlum Tree

Just imagine these growing in your backyard as well. An instant farm town for real. There’s this delicious snack that her family prepared for us. It’s so sweet that they gave me a bottle of it. It’s an Apricot Jam that you have to dip with coconut and almond nuts. So yummy!

Apricot Jam

We are invited over to come by and spend the a night with them. I’m expecting to eat this once again, hehehe! :D

Back At One

It was 17 days ago when I expressed my happiness that my blog leaped from PR0 to PR2. And then this evening, a friend tweeted that Mr.G has made some updates again, and now this blog went down 1 rank. Huhuhu! :( I feel so sad. Sad because I only enjoyed the rank for only 17 days. Yet still happy at least 1 is better than 0.

Having to work on increasing a blog rank is a tough thing to do. Especially for a SAHM like me who accept works online. Never the less, I’m still thankful. Alhamdulillah, Thanks be to God always for the chance to write up.

For my fellow mommies who has an update with their ranks whether an increased or decreased, carry on.