Newborn Photography

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My very first attempt. See my Flickr gallery by clicking the image below.

The baby of course is our very own Julie. I decided to make her 1st week shots which I failed to do for her big sister Julia. I was still in the healing process up until her 2nd week last 2008 when Julia was born, reason why I wasn’t able to take a photo of her. She have a few shots – but not that much. Besides, that time I’m still not that keen with photography. I was just a beginner, well actually until now I’m still a beginner. I wish I could do more shots for both of them. But it’s very hard to find the right time with her new born mood swings and the pressure from the big sister’s naughty attitude is coming up as well. But I’m happy with the results – for now. I can’t wait to print one and will put it on their room. Insha Allah God willing.


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