Father’s Day Gift

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I’m not really sure as to when Father’s day will be, but I know that it’ll be soon. Have you dear friends decided as to what gift you’ll give to the man of your lives? If you’re into an adventure better get him those archery supplies at stickemearchery – that is if he’s into this kind of sports. Well, my husband is into football. Although he don’t play that much and is not active with his sports activities too. He’d rather read the news online and be updated with the World news rather than going out to play. But then again, how can he play if all of his friends right now are all abroad as well? That’s sad actually, but it’s not the end of world for him.

So anyway, what gift should I give him for Father’s day then? Hmmm… aside from giving him a new daughter, I really don’t have any idea. As in zero ideas – well, as of the moment that is. Tsk… I think I still have a few days left to think about it. So for now, let me think of something else. I need to back up my EHD over to my Flickr account. Ciao for now.


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