Our Baby is 39 Weeks

Before going through some details about www.wholesaleinsurance.net and it’s services offered to it’s client, let me give you some updates re my pregnancy.

I’m currently on my 39th week. I’m exactly 39 weeks and 4 days. No signs of labor. Though I feel a lot of kicking over my abdomen area and some little tickling too. Most of the times whenever I stand up, I feel that there’s a pain from my back going to my legs. But it’ll only last for a minute. I guess it’s just because of the way I sit most of the times. My tummy is so small and I think baby doesn’t have enough space inside, hahaha! :D

Everything is ready for her home coming. I’ll blog about it as well. And so that’s the update for now.

Changing Moods

We’ve been out whole day today with MIL and BIL. The original plan was to go outside the city and was supposed to sit beside a small lake to enjoy the view and to change our moods all together. But we found out that they closed the lake for public for some security reasons.

So what Hubby did was to just find another are within the vicinity. Lucky us we found a great spot near by. We found horses too – but we didn’t ride in any of it since the little one is scared of it. So what else to do? We just took a shot with them.

And here’s the wonderful view from where we sat to drink. All colored type of roses can be found there.


All set of colors. What a beauty!


No Blogging Mojo

I’m so sorry for not updating that much. Aside from pregnancy mood swings, I have a big problem right now with my other blogs. Which in the end is making a negative impact with the rest of my blogs – a totally NOT A GOOD SIGN at all. I have like a thousand unread reads on my Google reader :( I feel so bad for not doing my same routine – blog hopping that is.

But the good news is that I’m still active in Twitter and IG (though our internet is very very very slow now a days). I’m still keeping up and is on track with it. Flickr account is still active too. That reminds me, I need to update my 365 days project.

Blogging mojo, please come back soon.

Loosing Fats at Once

MIL’s back home – have I told you that already? Well, yeah she’s here. Yehey! Finally I have somebody who can walk with me everyday before giving birth. She gain weight though. Which is good for her. We want her to stay fit as much as possible because she’s doing a lot of work every day in the kitchen. She stayed in my SIL’s house the other week to go back to her aerobics class. She told me that when she was with FIL, she’s taking her time doing reviews about atro phex. A popular weight loss supplement claiming to burn and kill the fats in the body. By this, she got inspired reading this so she’s really doing something to loose weight now. I’m all up for it and will do the best I can to support her in her decisions. WTG Mama!

Working Offline

Yeah, I’ve been away for quite some time. I’m on a nesting mode. We’re looking forward to see our little one. Based on my LMP, my EDD is just 11 days away. I cross my fingers though that it’ll be soon. I can’t wait any longer to see and embrace the new member of our family.

But I’m sad though because FIL will not be here by the time I give birth. And since SIL left, it’ll be MIL and BIL only. All of my SIL are out now.

I have a feeling that I’ll give birth on the 29th – just in time for getting a cash advances for those working in the corporate world.

Come and Go

SIL left off to stay in Dubai with her family. Her husband is working there. It’s really a weird feeling. Before, we are the one living them behind, now it’s the other way around.

Now we’re looking forward for the arrival of my other SIL who visited her husband in Saudi. And the good news about this is that she’s finally pregnant. Weeeee! :) Cant’ wait to see her. I’ll be taking notes for her pregnancy. It’s the only thing I can do for her now.

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Bloggers Meme – How Much Time Do You Spend on Facebook?

PhotobucketWell, this one is not that hard to answer. Right now, I’m busy with a lot of things offline and if you’ll see me online, I’m doing task and updating my blogs. However, I always post photos of dear Julie and Julia to update my family (especially my parents) back home. My daughter’s growing up so fast that a it’s bad enough that they are missing a lot of it. It’s the only way for them so see her. My sister even created an account for my mom – but haller, I know she’s the one doing the update for it. :D You can see me more on Twitter though and Instagram. I love the privacy these to social network has right now. Exclusive for dear friends online where I can rant as along as I want. So there you go, that’s my answer for this week’s meme.

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iBooks Overload

I would like to thank a dear friend Suzanne for hoarding me tons of books tonight. Me and the rest of my friends over Twitter has been sharing books online. Thank God for the technology. I’m starting with Emily Giffin’s “Something Borrowed” and “Something Blue”. Then she recommend me to read Cecilia Ahern’s books. Oh my oh my. I can’t wait to finish the first 2 books then.

First I need to read some reviews about social security disability. There are some evaluations needed to read about. I’m helping a friend to check it out.

Wednesday Happy Thoughts


Posting it late for this week.

1. ‘ME’ time yesterday. A new hair-do.
2. OB check-up. Alhamdulillah, everything is normal.
3. Twitter and IG friends. I love them all!
4. Julie’s 37 weeks and 5 days.
5. Aside from "Monster Inc.” and “Tangled”, Julia now loves watching “Mega Mind”.
6. Overload of Chocolates from Hubby. Thanks Sweety!
7. Looking forward to go shopping with SIL and MIL.
8. Walking everyday.
9. Kisses from ate Julia for baby Julie.
10. Updated iPhone apps.

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BC Bloggers Meme

Finally, the BC Bloggers’ Secret is back again. But now with a little twist that made it more exciting.


It is just like any other meme but way better because it’s open 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) so there’s no more rushing to join. Plus, more importantly, participant’s blog will be linked automatically by future participants the following week making link building fun and automatic!

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“What is one tool, tip, secret (or whatever it may be) that you have discovered  that has helped you in your blogging and would like to share to others?”

I’m maintaining 3 blogs right now. And I think a lot of you are already using this tool. I’m publishing my post by using Windows Live Writer (2011 Edition). Uploading photos and publishing them has made it so easy for me to blog.

So there you go.

This week’s list of sponsors are:

35 or 37 Weeks?

Before reviewing some medical issues regarding low testosterone symptom, I was going through my EDD the other night. And guess what I found out?

I found out that if I will based my EDD on my last LMP, my EDD will fall on the 2nd of June. Ever since the beginning of my pregnancy, my EDD is really undetermined. My first OB gave me 19th of June. Our 2nd check up back December 2010, during our 3D US back home, the practitioner gave me 13th of June which is based on the head of the baby. Then here whenever I have a check-up with my recent OB, we noticed that it’s always advance 2weeks. So he asked me when was the first day of my LMP. Based on that, the US head size and the weekly count of the baby, it finally matched.

How am I feeling? Not really sure. Excited and at the same time still confused. I’m packed up though. Baby Julie’s bag is ready since last month. I arranged mine last night. 2 of my Twitter friends are due as well next month. We’re praying for an easy and safe delivery for the 3 of us. Insha Allah God willing.

So there. Need to continue reading reviews. I’m way behind my online tasks. Need to catch up fast.

WBFC # 12

Last week was an introduction to ourselves. This week, let’s talk about Twitter. Do you have a Twitter account? This is what we need to share for this week’s WBFC hosted by OnlineBiz and Resources.

And so, do you have a Twitter account? I’m sure that a lot of you have heard of what Twitter is. Aside from Facebook, Twitter is the next (if I’m not mistaken) to top the social networking activities over the internet.

For me, I have 2 account over Twitter. One is for public viewing – an RSS feeds for all my blog accounts, and the other one is a private account – exclusive for my online close friends and people who I know personally too. I’m keeping it in private since most of the times, I rant over this account.

Here’s my Twitter account.

Let me know if you followed me so that I’ll follow you back – promise! :) Have a safe weekend everyone. See you over Twitter.