Random Updates

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It’s been a while. I’ve been wanting to blog for some time about recent happenings about me and my family but I couldn’t manage my time with blogging vs cooking vs pregnancy mood swings. But since I’m not that busy now, let me do this as fast as I can.

Now, where do we begin?

  • We went to Lebanon the other week. We renewed SIL’s passport. We left the house at exactly 5:45am and we arrived back around 7:30pm. We stayed over in another SIL’s house to drop MIL since she and my other SIL will stay there for the night with Hubby’s grandmother.
  • I’m on my 29th week. A few more days. Can’t wait for the big labor day.
  • MIL left yesterday for a month stay with FIL in Rabegh (part of Jeddah).
  • Yesterday, I also did an OGT Test. I passed the Glucose test. However my hemoglobin and calcium are 1% low with the normal range. So yesterday night, I was given another set of Calcium tablets to drink once a day and another set of vitamins to keep my folic and iron up. I’m underweight as per my OB. I’m only 46kgs right now. Watda! With Julia, I was 63kgs on my 9th month. I’m now on my 7th. But my fellow mommies told me not to worry. As long as Julie’s doing good and all vital signs are okay, I can worry with my weight and her current weight too after giving birth.
  • We’re waiting for a good news. I can’t blog about it right now – but soon. Insha Allah, ya rab!


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