Photoshop CS5

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Thanks for Hubby I have an upgraded PS that I can used for my scrapping and editing photos. Though I’m now fond of using Light-room with processing the photos but I’m still using the PS for scrapping. From CS3 now to CS5. Yipee!

I really thank Shey a lot for teaching me on how to use Photoshop. Without her patience with me online, I think I’d still using the old school PhotoImpact. Booo! :D Thank God for angels like her.

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  1. mymy says:

    i have cs2 right now, but thinking of getting the cs5. super expensive, that's why am really hesitant. lol.

    thanks for visiting (via TBE)! you asked what camera i used for the bday cake shot and it was a canon 550D (using EF 100mm f/2.8 macro lens). :)

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