“Pamana” for Julie from Julia

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I just got hold of Julia’s infant clothes. There’s a lot of clothes that are still in good condition, so I will let Julie use it for her first 3 months. Babies grow fast you know, so it’s not reasonable (for me) to buy new sets. However, when I checked over it, I noticed that I don’t have cotton mitts and caps. If I’m not mistaken I threw some of or had probably given it to some friends who gave birth last last year. I’m not really sure. I have a few Onesies but most of them are good for 2 months already. I have around 3 set of frog suits only – but not for new born. So I asked Hubby to ask SIL if she can guide me to a place here where I can buy in sets. We’re set to go on Thursday to get some new stuff.


We visited a mall near by and I find it very expensive. The price are not reasonable, so might as well go for the good deals rather than spending too much. Right now, I’m happy that we were able to buy bottle sterilizer and some feeding bottles for Julie. I’m crossing my fingers that Insha Allah (God willing) I can make a long run for breast feeding Julie. That reminds me that I also need to buy a breast pump to assist me. Oh my! I’m noting a lot of things to buy. Good thing that we’re having another girl. Pink is a major part of Julia’s closet :D Imagine if I’m bearing a boy – yikes!


  1. darly says:

    momi J, so mali pala ang hula ko.. bebe gurl ka ulit. Anyways, congrats congrats again- hope you're as fab as ever. how far along are you now?

    Visiting you by the way via The Bloggers Exchange, have a great week ahead :)

    <a>I Love Darly!

    Food and Passion

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