HSH Updates

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As much as I wanted to see the updates over our HSH, I couldn’t. :( Hubby’s cleaning the floors and window for 2 days in a row. I would like to help him to do it but since I have this big belly on the loose, he refused to. He said that he can manage and he’s doing it 1 day per room. Yesterday, he came home around 9 o’clock in the evening. The bedroom is ready for delivery tomorrow so he had to clean the master bedroom yesterday.

Today, he came earlier. 7 o’clock. He cleaned the salon and the veranda and had to remove a lot of cartons out of flat. I think the living room set will be delivered by 1st week of next month. The lights in the house are all working. Good thing our contractor is Hubby’s cousin, he was able to make sure to use an energy efficient outdoor lighting, as well in the inside.

We were planning to visit tomorrow to check on the house. But again, had to delay it probably by Monday or Tuesday. Julia’s bedroom set are scheduled to be delivered on Sunday.

The excitement is killing me really. But success comes to those who wait :)

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