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If you’re interested to join us with the 365 Days Project for this year, click on the image below to know the mechanics.


Tracy and the whole group can still welcome you even if we’re on the 2nd quarter of this year already. So go go go!

I don’t want to have too much blog back log on my 365 project so here goes the rest of the photos that was not included before.

Day 113Day 114Day 115Day 116My first EHD. I love it. Kakatapos lang nya mag clean-up.

Day 113 – The big sister’s gift for her baby sister.
Day 114 – My little girl all ready to take a nap.
Day 115 – Nesting mode on my 32nd week. Julie’s infants clothes are all ready. Her bag going to the hospital as well. But for my hospital clothes, not yet.
Day 116 – Feverish that morning due to running nose. Poor baby of mine.
Day 117 – My first EHD. Just finished reformatting it last night. It has a bug. Good thing that all files were not affected. It’s back to a new start w the same old content.

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