Cakes–Nostalgia #50

Thanks for the heads up Mommy Rose. Looking back into memories and sharing it with the others is really a great deal. So for my first entry ever, here’s my share of sweet cake.

My 28th Birthday

This was taken on my 28th birthday. We celebrated it at Pizza Hut. Hubby left the restaurant I thought he’ll pick up some of our friends to come over, but he came up with this delicious cake that says “Happy Birthday Sweety”. My face is still swollen here. Why? I just gave birth. Julia was only 3wks old that year. Still trying to cope up with motherhood duties at night.

HSH Updates

As much as I wanted to see the updates over our HSH, I couldn’t. :( Hubby’s cleaning the floors and window for 2 days in a row. I would like to help him to do it but since I have this big belly on the loose, he refused to. He said that he can manage and he’s doing it 1 day per room. Yesterday, he came home around 9 o’clock in the evening. The bedroom is ready for delivery tomorrow so he had to clean the master bedroom yesterday.

Today, he came earlier. 7 o’clock. He cleaned the salon and the veranda and had to remove a lot of cartons out of flat. I think the living room set will be delivered by 1st week of next month. The lights in the house are all working. Good thing our contractor is Hubby’s cousin, he was able to make sure to use an energy efficient outdoor lighting, as well in the inside.

We were planning to visit tomorrow to check on the house. But again, had to delay it probably by Monday or Tuesday. Julia’s bedroom set are scheduled to be delivered on Sunday.

The excitement is killing me really. But success comes to those who wait :)

Laptop Stand

I’m in search of a laptop stand. I’ve decided not to buy a desktop, instead to just buy a new laptop. The current laptop that I’m using is really for Hubby, but he let me used it for the mean time because the processor is much faster compare to MIL’s laptop which he’s using right now. He already formatted MIL’s OS to Windows XP because it used to run under Vista making it slower, but I need a number keypad separated from the QWERTY keyboard so here, I’m using Hubby’s laptop.

Anyway, the stand that I’m using right now is a laptop stand of my BIL. I wish we could find something that can be placed on the bed so that I can sit up straight properly. Hubby suggest to buy a computer cabinet instead. But the space here in my in-law’s house is not enough for that. I guess once everything is ready in the new house and that we’re ready to move in, we can arrange something like the photo below.

I need a big monitor. Why? because I’m blind :D It’s hard for me to work on things if the screen is not that big. That’s another reason why I chose to borrow hubby’s laptop too. It’ll be nice to do a scrap if you have this big screen right?


If you’re interested to join us with the 365 Days Project for this year, click on the image below to know the mechanics.


Tracy and the whole group can still welcome you even if we’re on the 2nd quarter of this year already. So go go go!

I don’t want to have too much blog back log on my 365 project so here goes the rest of the photos that was not included before.

Day 113Day 114Day 115Day 116My first EHD. I love it. Kakatapos lang nya mag clean-up.

Day 113 – The big sister’s gift for her baby sister.
Day 114 – My little girl all ready to take a nap.
Day 115 – Nesting mode on my 32nd week. Julie’s infants clothes are all ready. Her bag going to the hospital as well. But for my hospital clothes, not yet.
Day 116 – Feverish that morning due to running nose. Poor baby of mine.
Day 117 – My first EHD. Just finished reformatting it last night. It has a bug. Good thing that all files were not affected. It’s back to a new start w the same old content.

Free Open Source Download Manager

When it comes to downloading stuff over the internet, I always seek help from my other half. My hubby’s very particular with downloading a lot of things over the World Wide Web. He’s very keen and very observant with what to download in particular. We’re trying to avoid internet viruses as much as possible. For a SAHM like me who download free loads of digital-scrapbooking for example, he advised me to use a download manager to make it easier for me.

Here are some Open Source Software that Hubby is familiar with aside from the download manager that he’s using now.

For uploading and transferring files over the internet, he uses a FileZilla File Transfer. I might be using this since it’s the most convenient way to do a lot of things especially for a blogger like me who uploads files over the internet.

Freemind is another useful Java application which we can use if you’re a working mom for example and in need of a mapping application. My friend uses this since they need to construct a step by step process over their work before. I wonder how it went?

Here’s what I love most, GIMP Photo Software. Since I’m using a Photoshop with scrapping and editing photos, this one is an alternative application that will do a lot and retouch digital images too.

With regards to money matters, GnuCash Software is the best open source software to manage personal and small business finances. I wish I have tons of finances to think about. It’ll be nice to be organized with company bank accounts, income and expenses or even stocks (if you have) with this software. Dreaming on.

And last but not the least, Download Youtube Videos. Who don’t own a Facebook account here? Well, with this powerful utility, it can help you download videos from Youtube easily. The good thing here is that you can change the formats of the video so that it’ll be compatible with your gadgets. Cool right?

It’s all for free. Go ahead and try it.

WBFC #10

It’s my first time ever to join this Weekend Blog Follower Caravan. I’ve been wanting to join this meme for so long, but I couldn’t install the GFC widget on my sidebar. So it took me a while to delay joining the meme. I thank Kaye for the quick post update on how to add the GFC widget for WP. I used to have this widget when I was in blogger. But when I moved, I totally forgot that I had them.

I’m so thankful for the whole group OnlineBiz and Resources for creating such wonderful ideas to help all blogger mommies to be connected in the blogosphere since we all have the same goal. To follow each each other and to increase all our rankings and readers, hahaha! :D

Anyway, enough of the talking. So here’s my welcome post for this week.

My name is Jhari. Currently a SAHM. Now holds 2 citizenship: Filipino and Lebanese. Happily married for 4 years and counting. I have a toddler. Her name is Julia and she’ll be a big sister soon since I’m on the way and expecting another girl by June Insha Allah God willing. We’ll name her Julie this time.

Been blogging for like 6 years I think. I have 2 more active blogs that I maintained. My fashion blog: The 3rd Abode: Fashion and my Meme blog: A Cup of Meme.

I can’t wait to have more friends. I thank you already for making my blogging life alive again.


Day 103Day 104Day 105Day 106Day 107Day 108Day 109Day 110Day 111Day 112

And here’s my update for this week’s 365 Days Project.

Day 103 – It was a quiet day for the big sister. She played with her fishing game that my SIL gave her during her vacation.
Day 104 – When I was browsing my phone gallery, I saw a shot of Mr. Teddy. A stolen shot by the big sister.
Day 105 – And here are the infant clothes for Julie from big sister Julia.
Day 106 – I cooked for the first time “Beef Kare-Kare” also known as “Peanut Butter Stew”. Thanks to a friend’s recipe.
Day 107 – Julie at 31 Weeks
Day 108 – Lunch for today: Friend Chicken ala Jhari. Yummy!
Day 109 – Our 4th Year Together
Day 110 – Lunch for today: “Nilagang Baka” or “Beef Stew”, Beef with Okra and Tomato sauce.
Day 111 – A treat for myself, a cone of delicious yummy Chocolate.
Day 112 – It was raining this afternoon. May God Allah bless and protect Syria.

Free MAY Desktop Wallpaper

Before doing a research on Branson real estate for a quick holiday, have you downloaded the recent free wall paper from the Shabby Shoppe blog? If not, go and visit them on the image below. Here’s mine for next month’s wallpaper.


I chose these 3 photos because they are the most memorable photos for the month of April. 1st was our 4th year layout, the 2nd is me and baby bump on our 31st week together and the last one is a photo of Julia wearing her sunglasses which I found when I took her infant clothes from the my IL’s shop which turned in to a storage room for the family. So there you go. If you downloaded the wallpaper, don’t forge to leave a comment to say thanks.

Photoshop CS5

Thanks for Hubby I have an upgraded PS that I can used for my scrapping and editing photos. Though I’m now fond of using Light-room with processing the photos but I’m still using the PS for scrapping. From CS3 now to CS5. Yipee!

I really thank Shey a lot for teaching me on how to use Photoshop. Without her patience with me online, I think I’d still using the old school PhotoImpact. Booo! :D Thank God for angels like her.

Our 4th Year Together

An overdue post. Sharing you an LO I made for our 4th Year Wedding Anniversary which was last 19th of April 2011.

LO42 - Looking Back


"It was 4 years ago when I learned that I can’t leave without you. You made each day meaningful. Knowing that a day without seeing or talking to you was the worst feeling ever. And so we decided to get married. Marrying you was the 2nd best decision I’ve ever made in my life. LOVING you was the first.

Who would have thought that someone like you can fall in love with a person as small as me? You accepted me as I am. You believed in my capabilities and most of all, you gave me your words of trustworthy, loyalty and faithfulness.

I’ve never been away from you. If I do, it’s like a feeling of living inside a room without nothing to sit on. Your presence has always been my COMFORT.

2010 was a great year for us. It was a year of challenge for both of us. As parents and as human beings. But inspite of those challenges, I was never afraid. You know why? Because I know that whatever is the outcome, you’ll always be there for us. US as a couple, and US as SOULMATES.

So here we are, 4 years after. Still holding on. You gave me 2 wonderful reasons to be alive again. And meaningful reasons to wake up each day.

First, you gave me 2 adorable children to treasure for a lifetime. Second is that, YOU’RE STILL MY MAN.

I love You so so so much Sweety. Thank you for loving me. Happy 4th Year Wedding Anniversary."

And this is the first time that I’ve used so many papers and elements from different kits.

Papers: Biograffiti Note2SelfAdd Paper02 & Paper05, Maya de Groot’s "Prego" Kit Paper08
Elements: Paprika "Black and Blue" Element33 and Element42, Maya de Groot’s "Prego" Kit Button1, Button2, Circle Spray, Flower1 and Flower2
Template by Fei-Fei’s Stuff Template No8

Dear Coach

I was busy reading some new topics about an update on health insurance in nc while browsing some good reads over the internet, when a friend buzzed me and said that there’s an ongoing sale in Coach Factory in her place. Oh dear, oh dear!

A bargain is something you can’t use at a price you can’t resist.  ~Franklin P. Jones

How lucky are those who can shop all they want. But for me, workless and all – I’m really thankful for the tasks that I’ve been given to complete. I have a budget for giving a little something for myself. Just enough to treat a pregnant woman – teehee :D And hoping that there would be another one. I’m trying my best to earn more to get the next one. It’ll be a big big big gift for me if I can save up for it. I cross my fingers though that it will still be available once I have enough savings for that.

And here are the loots. Shot courtesy of my friend who went shopping on my behalf. Shooting 2 birds by 1 stone. Gosh! I really am a bag-ahollic. What the husband said? He even helped me choose which one to buy. I think he feels sorry for me because there’s no way for me to go shop here.

Shipment? That’s the question. I’m still in the process of getting hold of these loots. I even purchased a pre-loved Coach the other month from a fellow Twitter mommy. That reminds me, I need to send her my shipping address as well. I know my priorities, and I’m a responsible shopper. People might think that I have all the money in the world to spend these much. But I’m just lucky that I have an extra income for now to buy these things (an income which I don’t  have on hand – just floating $$$ somewhere). In the end, I’m still blessed and thankful indeed for having the opportunity to buy something to make me happy. Alhamdulillah.

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15 Tips to Increase Blog Traffic

Heads up bloggers. Read on and hope we all learn from these tips.

  1. Write well and write often.
  2. Submit your Blog to Search Engines.
  3. Use and update your Blogroll.
  4. Harness the power of COMMENTS.
  5. Syndicate your blog’s content with an RSS feed.
  6. Use links and trackbacks.
  7. Tag your posts.
  8. Submit your posts to Social bookmarking sites.
  9. Remember Search Engine Optimization.
  10. Don’t forget IMAGES.
  11. Consider guest blogging.
  12. Join forums, web rings or online groups.
  13. Promote outside your blog.
  14. Nominate yourself and other blogs for blog awards.
  15. Don’t be SHY.


“Pamana” for Julie from Julia

I just got hold of Julia’s infant clothes. There’s a lot of clothes that are still in good condition, so I will let Julie use it for her first 3 months. Babies grow fast you know, so it’s not reasonable (for me) to buy new sets. However, when I checked over it, I noticed that I don’t have cotton mitts and caps. If I’m not mistaken I threw some of or had probably given it to some friends who gave birth last last year. I’m not really sure. I have a few Onesies but most of them are good for 2 months already. I have around 3 set of frog suits only – but not for new born. So I asked Hubby to ask SIL if she can guide me to a place here where I can buy in sets. We’re set to go on Thursday to get some new stuff.


We visited a mall near by and I find it very expensive. The price are not reasonable, so might as well go for the good deals rather than spending too much. Right now, I’m happy that we were able to buy bottle sterilizer and some feeding bottles for Julie. I’m crossing my fingers that Insha Allah (God willing) I can make a long run for breast feeding Julie. That reminds me that I also need to buy a breast pump to assist me. Oh my! I’m noting a lot of things to buy. Good thing that we’re having another girl. Pink is a major part of Julia’s closet :D Imagine if I’m bearing a boy – yikes!