Something Borrowed & Blue

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Emily Giffin

Thanks to fellow Twitter Mommy Kaje for lending me these e-books. I’m currently reading “Something Borrowed” right now using my iPhone. I’m totally blind after reading a few pages but I don’t care. I love the trailer of the movie so I’m sure I’ll love the book too. Just what happen to me with “Twilight Saga” 2 years ago. Got addicted to it, that I have to make a reservation for each part. Virgin Megastore was kind enough to call back every time the book is available.

I don’t read much, but once a book is recommended, curiosity strikes. Sometimes the book is much better than the movie itself. Of course because in the movie, apparently they have to cut certain scenes to make the movie length shorter. So I find the book more detailed.

I can’t wait to finish the first edition of Emily Giffin’s collection. To watch the movie? I’m not sure if I can. That’s why for now, let’s all read on.


  1. Kaje says:

    can’t wait to see the movie! sana talaga samahan ako ni Badz :) Enjoy the books!

    Litz, sari saring emosyon pero ligth read ito :)

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