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Well, all of us over Twitter are all now addicted with one of Apple’s top application, which is “Instagram”. As you may all know, I’m using this app to complete my 365 days project. And I’m really glad that I’ve chose this application to comply with this year’s project. Though sometimes I’m using Hipstamatic too – but it depends on my mood, and it depends on the subject. It’s really easier for me to make sure that I’m updated.

Aside from the different filters it offers, there’s a new update with it which is the “tilt+shift” option which creates a slight bokeh shot effect for the photo. Some of us say that it’s the new Flickr on our group. We love leaving each other comments and liking each ones photos. It’s funny how we adore each other’s photos over Instagram. And aside from that, we go over Flickr and view it there too. Isn’t it ironic?

Try to download it, and I bet you’ll keep your photos up like me which now runs up to 103 with 23 followers and following 22.


  1. Chris says:

    Hi Mommy Jhari! it is so nice to see your blog again after awhile.. malapit ka na pala manganak! :D hope everything is going well for you and your family! :D

    wait, what is your twitter account? :) id love to see your instagrams!

    • Jhari says:

      Hi Mommy Chris. Binibisita rin kita lagi sa blog mo ha. I just read udpates. Bagal ng internet as much as I wanted to leave comments on some posts. See you around. :)

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