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Now it’s time to update my overdue post for the 365 days project. Sorry it took me a long time to post it here. I had to configure how to share photos from Instagram to Flickr. Clicking the image will bring you to the set where I posted all of images.


Day 67 – Julia’s bed marks on her face. It’s funny house babies and toddlers sleep. A friend said that probably she fell into a deep sleep that’s why she woke up with these marks. I’m so glad she did. Well, if so I’m so glad she did.
Day 68 – Banana Crepe made my SIL with lots of love.
Day 69 – Julia and her cousins, Yara and Yazan.
Day 70 – Me at 26 weeks with lots of peanuts on my side.
Day 71 – Look at who has an eye for Julia?
Day 72 – Another set of banana crepe from SIL. This time custard inside.
Day 73 – Peanut overload.
Day 74 – Bored Julia.
Day 75 – Krispy Crème for breakfast when we arrived in Beirut.
Day 76 – Me and my crave for McDonalds – a dream come true, finally!
Day 77 – M&M’s addiction. Counting down 94 days to go.
Day 78 – When Instagram made their recent update, me and my friends over Twitter got addicted with the Tilt+Shift features of it. It made it look like it’s a shot from a DSLR camera. Cool right? We heart Instagram.


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