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And now for the weekly round up. Need to make sure that I’m up to date with my 365 Project. I’m happy that I’m keeping up with it. I’m much better than last year. I guess because using my iPhone cam was much easier for me this year. I can’t make the best shots for each photo, but the sense of taking shots every day is always there. It’s like a diary for me to remember as each day passes by. I’m crossing my fingers that I can scrap one day for this photo project. Insha Allah, God willing.


Day 60 – My Arroz Caldo also known as Rice Congee. During the first trimester of my pregnancy, I craved for this meal. I had to run down and visit my aunt when we were still on vacation just to taste her preparation for this food. I ate 4 bowls that time, imagine that? It’s meal prepared with rice, chicken and lots of ginger. Topped with fried minced garlic and scallions.
Day 61 – Dearest big sister ate Julia sleeping like a log.
Day 62 – Nutella + Chocolate drink and bread is loved.
Day 63 – 25 weeks
Day 64 – Showing off a big smile for this week from the big sister.
Day 65 – Chicken Tinola also known as Chicken Stew served with garlic, zucchini and, chicken and cabbage. I can say that this is MIL’s one of her favorite Filipino dish so far. She loves the ginger soup and the taste of the chicken.

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