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And just to update you with my 365 project for this week. View all photos over my Flickr account here.


Day 51 – Julia hugging Jollibee getting ready to go out on a cold night.
Day 52 – “Kanafeh” one of my favorite Arab’s sweets.
Day 53 – A stolen shot taken by Julia using Hipstamatic app on my phone, not bad right?
Day 54 – Seriously watching “Beauty and the Beast”
Day 55 – Cooked Chicken “Sopas” or Soup in English. A famous Filipino dish cooked with shredded chicken, carrots, cabbage and milk.
Day 56 – Julia trying on her aunt’s hair cover, hehehe! :D
Day 57 – Cooked Cheese sticks for midnight snack.
Day 58 – Julia with MIL’s treat, Banana crepe.
Day 59 – Me at 24weeks and 2 days. Getting bigger.


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