Loving TV Series

Ever since we arrived here in Syria, all the things that I can do for now is watch TV aside of course from doing a short work at home. One of them for example are checking new updates for disability insurance and a couple of subject reviews too.

As I was saying, me and MIL every night are watching detective series over the local TV channels. She loves the series of stories too and the mystery behind each deaths and so was I. Local TV channels are behind 2 seasons I think, but it’s okay because it’s been a year as well that I haven’t been watching these shows. It’s about time to keep up with the stories.

HSH Update

The other day, Hubby took me to see the updates on the house. I can’t believe that in 3 months time, they were able to finish a lot. A big change has been made since my last visit last end of December 2010.

  • Floor tiles are done.
  • The walls in the entrance and living room are painted already – but with the first coating only.
  • They are currently painting the doors as of the moment. Sliding doors for the pathway going to the rooms are already in place, they will then install the doors once done with the painting.
  • The places for the roll-up are ready for installation too.
  • The ceilings are all done. Ready for painting and the wirings for the light bulbs are ready.
  • The verandas are up too.

I found out that the veranda are too high. This was made for security reasons. I asked hubby that we can buy a rack to hang the clothes and just placed it just at the exit of the kitchen veranda. Or we could still hang the clothes at the veranda itself but we need to buy a step stool for me. Yeah, I’m that short! :d Otherwise, Hubby will be the one to hang the clothes which of course he don’t agree. So I searched for some step stool design that hopefully we can find here.image

Lastly, I thank God for all of this. Alhamdulillah, Masha’Allah for the blessings. I’ll update soon on our next visit.

Free March Desktop

A few more days, we’ll start the last month for the 1st quarter of this year. Was able to grab on time Shabby Shoppe’s free desktop wallpaper for next month. Click the image below for the link.


Here’s my wallpaper as of the moment. It’s a picture of me and my family up in Bludan before the snow melts on top of the mountain. A memorable day for us in remembrance for the month of February.


Show me yours if you grab the freebie. Please leave a comment on this post so that I can get back to you too.

Fei-Fei’s Giveaway

I love Fei-Fei’s stuff in Oscraps. I love her designs and I love her simple combination with all her layouts. Most of free template that I have are from her store. Once my CC is up, I’ll definitely shop under her stuffs.

So for the meantime, let’s all hope to have the luck to grab a kit from her. Answer the question below. What is your guilty pleasure?

My pleasure in life is buying shoes and bags and clothes. Yeah right, women! Hahaha! It’s a girl thing you know. But I know my limits :)

The Giveaway

The mechanics are easy. One lucky person will win a free kit from her by doing the following.
1. Comment on her post about it here.
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Giveaway will close on the 28th of February. Hurry up and let’s all try our luck.

My Ideal Sophisticated Wedding Gown

I couldn’t help myself to not talk about weddings with my husband. We got married in a civil court last 2007. Our families weren’t with us when we said our vows to each other. We were just with another friend of ours who got married the same day, and just 2 witnesses who were close friends of Hubby. So every time I attend a wedding celebration with my MIL and SILs, I couldn’t help myself to not cry whenever the girl meets her husband to be on the door of the hall way. I always say to Hubby that one of the most thing I like in an Arab Culture Wedding are the elegant gowns that the bride and guests are wearing. I wish I could share some photos with you but it’s not allowed to take photos during the celebration. Except the official video and photographer.

If I were to be the bride again, what would I wear? I would love to wear a simple off shoulder gown. I don’t want to show up my arms that much. A hair dress will be worn when the male guests who are not related to the bride comes in to congratulate the couple, so I might as well choose a lace or somewhat see through arm length gown. I don’t know. I can’t picture myself.  So I browsed some photos of my ideal Wedding gown.

I love this design most especially. I’m petite so I think a shoulder type like this will be fine. Right? Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown. Source.

 Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown Empire Strapless Court Satin Organza Bridal Gown

This is the 2nd one. I love the simplicity and the design of the lace over the shoulder. Empire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal Gown. Source.

Empire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal GownEmpire Sweetheart Court Lace Bridal Gown

This is my 3rd choice. I’m not sure if I have the same “V” thing they call in this dress, LOL! They call it Empire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal Gown. Source.

Empire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal GownEmpire V-Neck Court Lace Bridal Gown

Now this is the last design I would pick. I’m not sure if this one will be good on me since I don’t have the that much in front to flaunt. LOL! A-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal Gown. Source.

A-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal GownA-Line/Princess Bateau Chapel Lace Organza Bridal Gown

The color will be Champagne since I don’t like to wear an all white or an ivory colored wedding gown – hahaha! As if it’s real. Sigh… in time, I’ll have my dream wedding. Insha Allah, by God’s will it’ll happen. Which one do you think will look good on me?

Conversation #2

While I was stretching up this morning, here’s another small talk with the big sister. She approaches the fruit basket and pointed at the banana.

JULIA: Mama, you wan nana?
ME: Me want a banana? Atini wahed (English: Give me one). You want to eat banana? I’ll peel one for you.
JULIA: No no no…
ME: *raised an eyebrow
JULIA: Don worry Mama… it’s okay it’s okay…

I don’t have an idea on why she’s asking me not to worry, but I ended up getting a banana for her and good thing she ate it. MIL laughed so hard because she heard her saying not to worry. It’s like an adult warning me up.

Hubby’s Request


When we went up again in the mountains of Bludan last week, hubby requested me to take a shot of this angle. He wanted to make it a desktop background on for his laptop. I’m glad that the result of the shot was almost perfect. I haven’t been taking photos with a good angle recently, I’m glad that my mojo for photography is back again.

5 Foods That Help You Sleep

Suzanne sent me this link over Twitter to help me find an easy way to sleep at night. I have problems with tucking myself to sleep for quite some time now. I’m not thinking of any issues at all, it’s just that this is me since college days. I don’t drink coffee before bed time, nor eat sweets – unless I don’t have any choice. But if insomnia attacks, make sure that I’ll be awake till sunset.

So here are some good tips for you out there who’s like me in some ways. Hope it all helps find our way to a good slumber.

1. Cherries. Fresh and dried cherries are one of the only natural food sources of melatonin, the chemical that controls the body’s internal clock to regulate sleep. Researchers who tested tart cherries and found high levels of melatonin recommend eating them an hour before bedtime or before a trip when you want to sleep on the plane.

2. Bananas. Potassium and magnesium are natural muscle relaxants, and bananas are a good source of both. They also contain the amino acid L-tryptophan, which gets converted to 5-HTP in the brain. The 5-HTP in turn is converted to serotonin (a relaxing neurotransmitter) and melatonin.

3. Toast. Carbohydrate-rich foods trigger insulin production, which induces sleep by speeding up the release of tryptophan and serotonin, two brain chemicals that relax you and send you to sleep..

4. Oatmeal. Like toast, a bowl of oatmeal triggers a rise in blood sugar, which in turn triggers insulin production and the release of sleep-inducing brain chemicals. Oats are also rich in melatonin, which many people take as a sleep aid..

5. Warm milk. Like bananas, milk contains the amino acid L-tryptophan, which turns to 5-HTP and releases relaxing serotonin. It’s also high in calcium, which promotes sleep.

Some may recommend you to drink chamomile tea. I’ve seen it on movies too. But I don’t I prefer to drink something else aside from tea in the evening. I only drink tea if we’re eating fried egg with bread and some cheese, olives and fresh “makdus” (an eggplant with pistachio and red bell pepper stuffed inside). But anyway, it’s still worth a try. It works with my friend Kerslyn. So I can ask Hubby if we can find a sachet or two.

Face and Skin Care

When we went to Lebanon the last time, I bought some facial products that I’ve been using for quite some time now. However, I’m too lazy to put deal with my face ever since I got pregnant. My hormones are definitely crazy. Right now, I have a pimple on my right cheek. I really need start with my 3 steps remedy as soon as possible before it get worst.

I’ve been reading reviews and feedback from users who use the same product that I’m using, and they confirmed that it’s one of the best acne treatment they’ve used so far. I can’t wait to pamper myself after giving birth.

A Blog-full of Blessings

Last week, me and blogging friends over Twitter were all excited for these week. Why? Because as you may all know, most of us (I mean I think all of us) are into blogging. 70% of my Twitter friends are all SAHM just like me. So having a bucket full of task brings a happy face for all of us. So when they released the new sets of task for this week, we were in a huge hooray over Twitter.

I’m pretty sure that endless reviews such as ephedra reviews, and some other read-on articles were all missed. I always thank God for this small things that comes our way. It’s such a big help for us.

For my fellow blogging mommies out there, carry on! :D


Just an update for my project 365/2011.

Day 44
Happy Valentines Day to all.

Day 44Day 45
An aftershock of the valentines day. Don’t forget to still kiss them everyday.
Day 45Day 46
The vintage water heater, bow!
Day 46Day 47
Beschamelle with home made sauce made with love by dearest MIL. Hubby was away this day. MIL asked me what food I want her to prepare for lunch. Since I love her Beschamelle, here it is. So blessed to have a Mother-in-Law like her. I love you Mama!
Day 47Day 48
First attempt to cook Shrimp with Garlic and Butter garnished with Parsley. Hubby came home this afternoon, I prepared a special lunch for all. This is a first for me and I’m gladd that MIL, SIL and BIL liked it. Mama is asking me to cook it again for FIL.
Day 48Day 49
Kabsa” for lunch.
Day 49

Day 50
Today is the last day for BIL to stay most of his time in the house. His last semester in the university will start tomorrow. So for a treat, we went out for a road-trip again. And again we decided to go to Bludan. This time we went to the highest hills. There were too many people enjoying the fun in the snow. I write a note for my dear fellow mommies and friends over Twitter. Sharing a little fun in the snow with them. It says “Bebots” meaning “Girls” in Tagalog.
Day 50
Sorry for the photo overload again. Now it’s time for me to read on some information about lipozene reviews. Signing off for now.

A Profitable Website

My site is back to PR0 when Mr. G made an update. I was saddened by this news since I was trying very hard to have it up rather than bringing it down. Boosting traffic is the hardest part of being a blogger. I really need something to make sure that once my ranking is back to 1, if there’s a need to look for an seo consultants, I will – for the sake of making my site more profitable.