Philippine E-Passport Experience

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This is a long over due post. But I had to post it for a remembrance. Hahaha! During our stay in the Philippines, I had to renew my passport since I will not be able to apply for a visa going for a short vacation here in Syria. My passport will expire originally next month. But according to Syrian Embassy, passport should at least be valid for 6 months.

I found out that there’s a new way to renew Passports in the Philippines since you have to undergo appointments online. When I visited DFA’s official site regarding this new procedures, I found it very convenient honestly speaking. However, the dates which you have to wait to set the appointment is a burden for all. During that time (which was last month) the next slot to go to the DFA’s office was January 18th 2011. It will like take me a month to wait. I was left with no choice but to ask help from my 2nd sister to go over DFA’s office personally to seek guidance as to what we can do to expedite the procedure for renewing my passport. Thank God my sister’s good PR was a good help at that time. She was able to go inside and talk to the Director and asked approval for my immediate personal appearance. I was able to visit DFA the next day.

I was given 2 choices by the clerk. First was to renew and at the same time change my last name on my passport, but the releasing of my new passport will be on the 28th of December. That was like 17 days of waiting, which was way too long for us to wait.

The 2nd choice was just to do an amendment on my passports saying that it’s extended for another 2 years (up until 2012) and another amendment saying that the bearer of the passport will hold my married surname. If this will be done, I will just wait for 3 days then I can pick-up my passport. I chose the 2nd one obviously.

We were so thankful for the lady who helped us. She made it very easy for us – without bribing anyone.

So for anyone of you readers who wants to renew their passport, take my advice and do it 6 months before the expiration date. If you’re out of the country, better consult your embassies regarding the procedure as well to avoid inconvenience on your part. Good luck!


  1. lian says:

    I wasnt lucky for my passport application in DFA cebu, we need to wait for over a month for the releasing because their are some technical problems with their machines. T.T

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