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DAY 11 – This was taken at the hi-way on our way up to the mountains going to Beirut Lebanon Tuesday morning. The snow tops on top of the mountains are such a wonderful view from afar. So sad though we were not able to come up due to the limited time we had to stay in Lebanon. Probably next time we can go up once more and let Julia experience her first time in the snow.
Day 11
DAY 12 – A very happy Julia while having our lunch at Shrimpy – a sea food restaurant, famous for their delicious shrimps.
Day 12
DAY 13 – Just another sunny afternoon play time with Papa dear. My little girl is such a daddy’s girl indeed.
Day 13
DAY 14 – Our last trip along the Corniche of Beirut. We left early just in time for sunrise and view of their light house.
Day 14


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